Gene Ontology annotations

What are GO terms?

Gene Ontology (GO) terms provide computer-readable annotations capturing biological processes, molecular functions, and cellular components associated with genes and transcripts. For more information about Gene Ontology, see GO Help or Ten Quick Tips for Using the Gene Ontology in PLoS.

How are GO terms added to RNAcentral sequences?

RNAcentral sequences are manually annotated with GO terms by several teams, including BHF-UCL, ARUK-UCL, and SGD. Find out more about literature curation using RNAcentral identifiers in the following paper:

Guidelines for the functional annotation of microRNAs using the Gene Ontology

- Huntley et al., RNA 2016.

DOI: 10.1261/rna.055301.115

In addition, RNAcentral sequences are automatically annotated with GO terms propagated from the matching Rfam covariance models. The process is described in GOREF:0000115.

Example annotations

Browse all sequences with GO annotations

Searching GO terms

The GO annotations are searchable using the text search, for example:

The following qualifiers are supported: part_of, involved_in, enables, contributes_to, and colocalizes_with.

At this time the search is not ontology-aware, so only the GO terms from the query are used for searching, not their descendants or ancestors.

Downloading GO annotations

The GO annotations can be downloaded or browsed in QuickGO.

Browse annotations in QuickGO

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