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Linking to sequences

Link by external accession

New! It is possible to link to RNAcentral without knowing the RNAcentral accession using a URL in the following format:<database>:<accession>

where database is one of the RNAcentral Expert Databases, and accession is an identifier from that database (see examples below). Both parameters are case-insensitive.

This functionality relies on the RNAcentral text search. If only 1 sequence matches the database and accession, then the link will redirect to that sequence. If several sequences match, then the link will show a search result listing all matching sequences.


Direct link format

Please use the following format to link to RNAcentral sequences:<RNAcentral identifier>/<NCBI taxonomy identifier>

The URL includes NCBI taxonomy identifiers, for example 9606 for Homo sapiens.

Either slash / or underscore _ can be used as a separator:

Links without NCBI taxonomy identifiers show annotations from all species where the sequence was found.

You can optionally add RNAcentral logo before the link, for example:


Example code:

  <img src="" style="width: 16px; height: 16px; vertical-align: middle;">
  <a href="">URS000075A546/9606</a>

RNAcentral logos are available in the Downloads section.

Mapping between third-party identifiers and RNAcentral IDs

For a small number of sequences, you can find RNAcentral accessions using text search.

If you need to perform a large-scale mapping between RNAcentral identifiers and Expert Database accessions, please use the mapping files found in FTP archive:

Linking to genome locations

You can link to a genome location of interest within the RNAcentral genome browser using links like this:<species>&chromosome=<chromosome>&start=<start>&end=<end>


  • <species> - organism name (lowercase, spaces replaced with underscores as in Ensembl, for example: homo_sapiens or canis_lupus_familiaris)
  • <chromosome> - chromosome name in Ensembl format, for example 1 (not chr1)
  • <start> and <end> - genome coordinates


Human XIST gene

Example code:

  <img src="" style="width: 16px; height: 16px; vertical-align: middle;">
  <a href="">Human XIST gene</a>


RNAcentral Expert Database badge

Databases integrated in RNAcentral can display an RNAcentral Expert Database badge:

Download (svg)

Example code:

<a href="">
  <img src="" style="width: 140px">

The badge should link to the RNAcentral homepage or to the landing page of the member database within RNAcentral, such as or

RNAcentral icons

Here are RNAcentral logo icons in different resolutions:

RNAcentral logos

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