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Homo sapiens (human) tRNA-Ser (anticodon TGA) 1-1 (TRS-TGA1-1) secondary structure diagram

Homo sapiens (human) tRNA-Ser (anticodon TGA) 1-1 (TRS-TGA1-1) URS0000092302_9606

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This sequence is found in 205 other species

  1. Acanthisitta chloris tRNA
  2. Ailuropoda melanoleuca tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  3. Alligator mississippiensis tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  4. Anas platyrhynchos tRNA
  5. Aptenodytes forsteri tRNA
  6. Balaenoptera acutorostrata scammoni tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  7. Balearica regulorum gibbericeps tRNA
  8. Bos taurus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  9. Buceros rhinoceros silvestris tRNA
  10. Callipepla squamata (scaled quail) tRNA
  11. Callithrix jacchus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  12. Calypte anna (Anna's hummingbird) tRNA
  13. Camelus ferus tRNA
  14. Canis lupus familiaris tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  15. Antrostomus carolinensis tRNA
  16. Cariama cristata tRNA
  17. Carlito syrichta tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  18. Cathartes aura tRNA
  19. Cavia porcellus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  20. Ceratotherium simum simum tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  21. Cervus elaphus hippelaphus tRNA-Ser
  22. Chaetura pelagica (chimney swift) tRNA
  23. Charadrius vociferus tRNA
  24. Chelonia mydas (green seaturtle) tRNA
  25. Chelydra serpentina (Common snapping turtle) tRNA-Ser
  26. Chlorocebus sabaeus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-4-1)
  27. Choloepus hoffmanni tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  28. Chrysemys picta bellii tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  29. Colinus virginianus tRNA
  30. Colius striatus (speckled mousebird) tRNA
  31. Columba livia partial tRNA-Ser
  32. Cricetulus griseus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  33. Cuculus canorus (common cuckoo) tRNA
  34. Dasypus novemcinctus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  35. Dipodomys ordii tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  36. Echinops telfairi tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  37. Eptesicus nilssonii tRNA-Ser
  38. Equus caballus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-4-1)
  39. Erinaceus europaeus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  40. Felis catus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  41. Ficedula albicollis tRNA
  42. Fukomys damarensis tRNA
  43. Fulmarus glacialis (northern fulmar) tRNA
  44. Gallus gallus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  45. Gavia stellata tRNA
  46. Geospiza fortis tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  47. Gorilla gorilla gorilla tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  48. Haliaeetus albicilla tRNA
  49. Heterocephalus glaber tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  50. Ictidomys tridecemlineatus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-4-1)
  51. Lamprotornis superbus tRNA-OTHER
  52. Latimeria chalumnae tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  53. Lepisosteus oculatus (spotted gar) tRNA
  54. Leptosomus discolor tRNA
  55. Loxodonta africana tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-4-1)
  56. Macaca mulatta tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  57. Manacus vitellinus tRNA
  58. Marmota monax tRNA.Ser
  59. Meleagris gallopavo tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  60. Melopsittacus undulatus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  61. Mesitornis unicolor (brown roatelo) tRNA
  62. Mesocricetus auratus tRNA
  63. Microcebus murinus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  64. Monodelphis domestica tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  65. Mus caroli tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  66. Mus musculus castaneus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  67. Mus musculus domesticus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  68. Mus musculus musculus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  69. Mus musculus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1, tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1, tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  70. Mus pahari tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  71. Mus spretus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  72. Mustela putorius furo tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  73. Myotis brandtii tRNA
  74. Myotis davidii tRNA
  75. Myotis lucifugus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  76. Neotoma lepida tRNA
  77. Nestor notabilis tRNA
  78. Nipponia nippon tRNA
  79. Nomascus leucogenys tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  80. Notamacropus eugenii tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  81. Ochotona princeps tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  82. Ophiophagus hannah (king cobra) tRNA
  83. Opisthocomus hoazin tRNA
  84. Ornithorhynchus anatinus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  85. Oryctolagus cuniculus tRNA
  86. Otolemur garnettii tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  87. Ovis aries tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  88. Pan troglodytes tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  89. Papio anubis tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  90. Patagioenas fasciata monilis tRNA
  91. Pelecanus crispus tRNA
  92. Phaethon lepturus tRNA
  93. Phrynosoma platyrhinos (Desert horned lizard) tRNA-OTHER
  94. Dryobates pubescens tRNA
  95. Podarcis lilfordi tRNA.Ser
  96. Podiceps cristatus (great crested grebe) tRNA
  97. Pongo abelii tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  98. Procavia capensis tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  99. Pterocles gutturalis (yellow-throated sandgrouse) tRNA
  100. Pteropus alecto tRNA
  101. Pygoscelis adeliae tRNA
  102. Rattus norvegicus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  103. Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-1-1)
  104. Sarcophilus harrisii tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-5-1)
  105. Sorex araneus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  106. Sphaerodactylus townsendi tRNA-Ser
  107. Struthio camelus australis tRNA
  108. Sus scrofa tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-4-1)
  109. Tinamus guttatus tRNA
  110. Trichechus manatus latirostris tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-2-1)
  111. Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew) tRNA
  112. Tursiops truncatus tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
  113. Tyto alba tRNA
  114. Vicugna pacos tRNA-Ser (TGA) (tRNA-Ser-TGA-3-1)
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