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Anopheles gambiae (African malaria mosquito) aga-miR-305 URS0000025D76_7165

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aga-mir-305: Aga-mir-305 is a specific type of microRNA found in Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes. It has been shown that inhibition of aga-mir-305 enhances the mosquito's resistance to P. falciparum infection and reduces the presence of microbiota [PMC5889876]. This is likely due to the regulation of immune effector genes that are targeted by aga-mir-305 [PMC7648389]. On the other hand, functional studies have demonstrated that aga-mir-305 increases susceptibility to P. falciparum infection and promotes the proliferation of midgut microbiota [PMC5951587]. In infected midguts, the expression of aga-miR-34, aga-miR-1174, and aga-miR-1175 decreases, while aga-miR-989 and aga-mir-305 are elevated [PMC5951587]. Depletion of both parasite species and microbiota occurs after depletion of both aga-miR-14 and aga-mir-305, suggesting their role in regulating immune genes involved in broad-spectrum defenses [PMC7202664]. In a functional study, depletion of either aga-miR14 or aga-mir-305 resulted in suppression of both P. falciparum and P. berghei infections as well as midgut microbiota [PMC7202664]. Depletion also led to significant regulation of hundreds of genes in mosquito midguts [PMC7202664]. It has been shown that inhibition or depletion of mir-agalimr 305 increases resistance to Pf infection by enhancing expression levels related to immunity against parasite infections [PMC8716737].

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