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Zea mays zma-miR397a-5p URS00001A980F_4577

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zma-miR397a-5p: Zma-mir397a-5p is a microRNA that is up-regulated in certain conditions [PMC6769569]. In a study, several up-regulated long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) were predicted to be the target mimics of zma-mir397a-5p, along with zma-miR395b-5p and zma-miR395h-5p [PMC6769569]. These lncRNAs, including TCONS_00113799, TCONS_00165850, and TCONS_00153885, were found to be potential target mimics of zma-mir397a-5p [PMC6769569]. Previous research has suggested that zma-mir397a-5p, along with other members of the miR399 and miR397 families (zma-miR395b-5p and zma-miR395h-5p), may play a role in controlling fatty acid metabolism and promoting lipid delivery from plants to AM fungi [PMC6769569]. In another study, zma-mir397a-5p was identified as one of the differential miRNAs along with other miRNAs such as zma-miR164b-3p and zma-miR156k-5p [PMC5963143]. It was suggested that genes involved in fatty acid metabolism could be regulated by zma-mir397a-5p, along with other miRNAs like zma-miR399b-5p and zma-miR399h-5p [PMC6214007].

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  1. Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus cca-miR397e