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Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus cca-miR167e URS00001A0A3D_59895

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This sequence is found in 12 other species

  1. Aegilops tauschii ata-miR167d-5p
  2. Asparagus officinalis aof-miR167b
  3. Brachypodium distachyon bdi-miR167c-5p
  4. Carica papaya cpa-miR167d
  5. Citrus trifoliata (trifoliate orange) ctr-miR167
  6. Citrus x clementina (clementine) ccl-miR167a
  7. Eugenia uniflora (Brazil-cherry) eun-miR167a-5p
  8. Glycine max (soybean) gma-miR167g
  9. Hordeum vulgare microRNA167h
  10. Manihot esculenta mes-miR167f
  11. Prunus persica ppe-miR167c
  12. Vriesea carinata vca-miR167a-5p