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Bombyx mori (domestic silkworm) bmo-miR-278-3p URS000019E005_7091

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bmo-mir-278: Bmo-mir-278 is an MLS-biased miRNA that was found at MLS [PMC2500172]. Its homolog, dme-miR-278, has been shown to control energy homeostasis in Drosophila, as miR-278 mutants exhibit elevated insulin production and elevated circulating sugar [PMC2500172]. Bmo-mir-278, along with four highly-conserved miRNAs (bmo-miR-306, bmo-miR-317, and bmo-miR-768) and three less-conserved miRNAs (bmo-miR-1920, bmo-miR-1921, and bmo-miR-1922), were cloned directly despite not being predicted based on the researchers' criteria [PMC2500172]. Several pre-miRNAs were not detected initially due to the stringency of the filters but were discovered through direct cloning experiments [PMC2500172]. Bmo-mir-278 has a relatively high expression level and may play a role in regulating energy metabolism at the molting stage by targeting insulin receptor-like protein precursor (BIR), bombyxin, and BmCF1 [PMC2500172]. The expression of bmo-mir-278 increases at MLS (p = 0.022), late fifth-instar larva (LFLS) (p = 0.048), PPS (p = 0.042), DS (p = 0.0083), SS (p = 0.012), and PS (p = 0.022) [PMC2500172]. The literature-based and database collections of miRNAs such as bmo-bantam, bmo-miR-12, bmo-miR263a/b showed weaker signals compared to the miRNAs collected from miRBase [PMC4045974].

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This sequence is found in 2 other species

  1. Heliconius melpomene hme-miR-278
  2. Manduca sexta mse-miR-278