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Mus musculus (house mouse) mmu-miR-5112 URS000018542D_10090

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mmu-mir-5112: Mmu-mir-5112 is a microRNA that is highly expressed in the preadipocyte state and is downregulated during the process of adipocyte differentiation [PMC7425140]. It has been found to mediate the regulation of IL-6 in cancer-associated adipocytes (CAAs) in the breast cancer tumor microenvironment (TME) [PMC7425140]. Mmu-mir-5112 targets Cpeb1, a negative regulator of IL-6, and its overexpression leads to an upregulation of IL-6 in adipocytes [PMC5363867]. The regulatory role of mmu-mir-5112 has been confirmed through dual reporter luciferase assays, which showed a significant decrease in luciferase expression when mmu-mir-5112 mimics were transfected [PMC5363867]. In co-cultured adipocytes, mmu-mir-5112 showed the highest upregulation among differentially expressed miRNAs [PMC5363867]. Mmu-mir-5112 has also been found to be upregulated in adipocytes co-cultured with breast cancer cells and is associated with the acquisition of inflammatory phenotypes in CAAs [PMC6862548] [PMC8345203]. Additionally, mmu-mir-5112 has been identified as one of the downregulated miRNAs in plasma exosomes from SF-infected mice [PMC5342372] and its human counterpart microRNAs should be investigated for their role in regulating CPEB1 expression in cancer microenvironments [PMC5363867]. Overall, mmu-mir-5112 plays a significant role in regulating IL-6 expression and inflammatory phenotypes in CAAs.

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