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Homo sapiens (human) microRNA hsa-mir-11181 precursor URS0000180675_9606

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hsa-mir-11181: Hsa-mir-11181, also known as TrkC-miR1, is a microRNA transcribed from the 14th intron of the human TrkC gene [PMC8405078]. It has been identified as a potential biomarker for glioblastoma cancer detection and brain tumor categorization [PMC8405078]. TargetScan5 and RNA-hybrid software have predicted several target genes for hsa-mir-11181 [PMC8405078]. One of these target genes is AKT2, which has been observed to be down-regulated in high-grade glioblastoma tissues, confirming the role of hsa-mir-11181 in the AKT2 signaling pathway [PMC8405078]. Hsa-mir-11181 also plays a positive regulatory role during neural differentiation of the NT2 cell line to neural-like cells [PMC8405078]. TGFBR1, HBEGF, and AKT2 have been predicted as target genes for hsa-mir-11181 through bioinformatics analysis [PMC8405078]. To confirm the direct targeting of these genes by hsa-mir-11181, a dual luciferase assay was conducted using HEK293t cell lines transfected with vectors for overexpression of hsa-mir-11181 and luciferase ORF fused to 3' UTR sequences of AKT2 or TGFBR1 [PMC8405078]. The expression level of hsa-mir-11181 was analyzed in a panel of 31 normal and brain tumor tissues. This panel included normal brain tissue as well as various types and grades of brain tumors. The expression level was found to be different among these tissues [PMC8405078]. Overall, these findings suggest that hsa-mir-11181 has potential diagnostic and therapeutic implications in glioblastoma cancer detection and brain tumor categorization [PMC8405078].

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  1. Piliocolobus tephrosceles miRNA (ENSPTEG00000003233.1)