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Sus scrofa (pig) ssc-miR-339-5p URS00000BEB26_9823

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ssc-miR-339: Ssc-mir-339 is a microRNA that has been studied in various contexts [PMC9454643]. In a study examining circRNA_08840, it was found that ssc-mir-339, along with ssc-miR-370, ssc-miR-127, ssc-mir-339-3p, and ssc-miR-7137-3p, showed higher levels of differential expression among potential binding sites for target miRNAs [PMC9454643]. In another study comparing Laiwu and Large White pigs, it was observed that ssc-mir-339 was downregulated in both pig breeds under the control group [PMC9454643]. The relevance of ssc-mir-339 was also highlighted in a study examining RIF1 scores [PMC6966835]. Furthermore, both circRNA–miRNA–lncRNA network analysis and mRNA–miRNA–lncRNA network analysis identified the involvement of ssc-mir-339 in regulatory networks [PMC8614448]. Overall, these studies demonstrate the importance of ssc-mir-339 in various biological processes and highlight its potential role as a central regulator [PMC9454643].

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