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Homo sapiens (human) lncRNA associated with lymph node metastasis in cervical cancer (LNMICC) URS00000487A7_9606

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LNMICC: The long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) LNMICC has been shown to promote nodal metastasis in cervical cancer by reprogramming fatty acid metabolism [PMC8529012]. Silencing LNMICC has been found to decrease intracellular triglycerides and phospholipids by influencing the expression of fatty acid metabolic enzymes [PMC8529012]. LNMICC activates fatty acid metabolism by upregulating key enzymes such as FASN, ACC1, ACOX1, CPT1α, and FABP5, leading to increased intracellular triglycerides and phospholipids [PMC8525007]. LNMICC is increased in cervical cancer with lymph metastasis and poor prognosis [PMC8525007]. It has been observed that LNMICC promotes lymph metastasis in cervical cancer through reprogramming fatty acid metabolism and that HSDL2 may be a key factor in lipid metabolism regulation [PMC8107089]. LNMICC promotes tumor growth, cell proliferation, and lymph node metastasis by recruiting NPM1 to the promoter of FABP5 [PMC10088509]. FABP5-mediated fatty acid metabolism promotes lymphangiogenesis in the lymph node pre-metastatic niche through LNMICC [PMC8254237]. LNMICC is characterized as an lncRNA that promotes metastasis in cervical cancer through the reprogramming of fatty acid metabolism [PMC9040090]. It recruits NPM1 to the promoter of FABP5 to reprogram fatty acid metabolism and promote cervical cancer cell metastasis to lymph nodes through EMT and VEGF-C-mediated lymphangiogenesis [PMC8082854]. The lncRNA-LNMICC is a valuable prognostic predictor of cervical cancer with a significant relationship with BMI in patients [PMC8579446]. The pro-tumoral effect of LNMICC can be counteracted by miR-190 re-expression [PMC7599548]. LNMICC regulates key genes involved in fatty acid metabolism, including FASN, CPT1A, ACOX1, and ACC1 [PMC6901916]. LNMICC facilitates fatty acid metabolism reprogramming and promotes lymph node metastasis in cervical cancer cells by regulating FABP5 [PMC6901916]. LNMICC promotes lymph node metastasis via FABP5-mediated fatty acid metabolism and EMT in cervical cancer [PMC7059688]. LNMICC accelerates metastasis by reprogramming fatty acid metabolism in cervical cancer [PMC6708160]. It correlates with lymph node metastasis, EMT, and lymphangiogenesis in cervical cancer [PMC7053319]. LNMICC recruits NPM1 to the promoter of FABP5 to enhance fatty acid metabolism [PMC7053319].

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