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Homo sapiens (human) RNA component of signal recognition particle 7SL1 (RN7SL1) secondary structure diagram

Homo sapiens (human) RNA component of signal recognition particle 7SL1 (RN7SL1) URS00000478B7_9606

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RN7SL1: RN7SL1 is a type of RNA that is expressed in breast cancer cells and is found in stromal exosomes [PMC8885989]. When stromal NOTCH-MYC is triggered in breast cancer cells, it leads to an increase in POL3-driven RN7SL1 expression [PMC8885989]. RN7SL1 has been found to promote expansion and effector-memory differentiation of CAR-T cells, restrict MDSC development, decrease TGFβ in myeloid cells, and foster DC subsets with costimulatory features [PMC10063857]. Exosomes derived from breast cancer stromal fibroblasts carry RN7SL1 that activates RIG-I in tumor cells, resulting in STAT1 activation and ISG induction [PMC7109106]. The expression of RN7SL1 was measured using the ΔΔCt method with normalization to a control primer pair specific to either MDM2 or RN7SL1 [PMC5829647]. DEG analysis showed significant enrichment of RN7SL1 within midpoint samples relative to baseline [PMC9320801].

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