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Gallus gallus let-7c stem-loop (gga-let-7c) URS0000031E12_9031

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gga-let-7c: Gga-let-7c is a microRNA (miRNA) that is dominantly expressed in chicken breast muscle libraries [PMC3700833]. It has 26 different isoforms, making it one of the most highly expressed miRNAs [PMC4519947]. Some of the isoforms of gga-let-7c are identical to the reference in miRBase [PMC4519947]. The let-7 family, including gga-let-7c, is abundantly expressed in chicken breast muscle libraries and is among the top 20 most abundant miRNAs [PMC4519947]. In other studies, differentially expressed miRNAs were found in various contexts such as chicken lungs infected with avian influenza virus, A549 cells infected with influenza A virus, mice infected with recombinant influenza A H1N1 virus strains, cynomolgus macaques infected with highly pathogenic H5N1 avian virus, and chicken lung and trachea infected with avian influenza virus [PMC5389138]. In the ovary compared to the testis, gga-let-7a, gga-let-7f and gga-let-7c were down-regulated while gga-miR26a, gga-miR148a and gga-miR451 were up-regulated [PMC3526641].

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