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Mus musculus (house mouse) mmu-miR-1195 URS0000023300_10090

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mmu-mir-1195: mmu-mir-1195 is a small non-coding RNA molecule, specifically a microRNA, that has been studied in relation to its effects on tumoral cells' viability [PMC7139390]. In a study conducted on PC14 cells, the exogenous expression of mmu-mir-1195, along with mmu-miR-16*, mmu-miR-709, and endo-siRNA-1196, was found to increase the viability of tumoral cells [PMC4914300]. These sRNAs were chosen for analysis due to their significant differences in fold change and their reported gene targets that may have protective activity in relation to apoptosis, cell cycle, and p53-signaling pathways [PMC4914300]. Furthermore, it was observed that mmu-mir-1195 and endo-siRNA-1196 may contribute to the protective effect when administered in combination with miR-709 [PMC4914300]. Treatment with CBX significantly decreased the levels of mmu-mir-1195 by 82% compared to CBX-untreated cells [PMC4914300]. Additionally, it was found that several miRNAs can target circ-Vps54 and circ-Gm49339 along with mmu-mir-1195 [PMC9230989]. NONMMUT147434.1 was identified as a regulator of mmu-mir-1195 among other miRNAs [PMC7339411]. Primer/probe Taqman assays were used for the quantitation of several miRNAs including mmu-mir-1195 [PMC7603330]. It is worth noting that hsa-miR584 shares partial homology with mmu-mir 1195 but requires further analysis for validation [PMC4335692]

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