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Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress) ath-miR169a-3p URS00000183B9_3702

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ath-miR169a-3p: Ath-mir169a-3p is the passenger strand of the miR169a/* duplex [PMC8688358]. The potential target of ath-mir169a-3p showed a weak target plot (T-plot) signal [PMC8688358]. The targets of ath-mir169a-3p and gma-miR408c-3p were predicted using TarHunter and their cleavage site was determined using PARE datasets [PMC8688358]. The correct sequence of ath-mir169a-3p was found to be 21-nt in size (GGCAAGUUGUCCUUGGCUACA) based on a sharp degradome signal starting 1 nt downstream of the miRBase annotation [PMC8688358]. The 3′ end of ath-mir169a-3p reads from sRNA-seq data was found to be ragged [PMC8688358]. According to miRBase annotation, the length of ath-mir169a-3p is 20-nt with the sequence GGCAAGUUGUCCUUGGCUAC [PMC8688358]. Reference: [PMC8688358]

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