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Homo sapiens (human) RNA, Ro60-associated Y4 (RNY4) secondary structure diagram

Homo sapiens (human) RNA, Ro60-associated Y4 (RNY4) URS0000007D24_9606

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RNY4: RNY4 is a type of Y RNA that has been identified as a potential biomarker for anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) liquid biopsy [PMC8534237]. In a study, it was found that a partially modified LNA RNY4 oligonucleotide was as effective as a fully modified LNA RNY4 oligonucleotide, demonstrating a reduction in RNY4 fold change [PMC9996952]. Additionally, the partially modified LNA RNY4 oligonucleotide outperformed fully modified 2’OME RNY4 oligonucleotides [PMC9996952]. Among the Y RNA transcripts, RNY4 was found to be the most abundant and was not significantly induced with TNF-α stimulation [PMC6086399]. To gain further insight into the function of Y RNAs as ligands for the RIG-I receptor, researchers developed a secondary structure model of RNY4 and assessed the probability of different sets of sequences from viral or human origins to fold along this model [PMC9250025]. These findings suggest that exosome-encapsulated RNY4 could be utilized as an innovative biomarker for ALCL liquid biopsy and highlight the potential therapeutic applications of modified LNA or 2’OME oligonucleotides targeting RNY4 in ALCL treatment.

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