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Homo sapiens (human) RNA, 5.8S ribosomal N1 (RNA5-8SN 1 to 3, RNA5-8SN5) secondary structure diagram

Homo sapiens (human) RNA, 5.8S ribosomal N1 (RNA5-8SN 1 to 3, RNA5-8SN5) URS0000005270_9606

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RNA5-8SN1: RNA5-8SN1 is a small nuclear RNA (snRNA) that is part of a cluster of genes with common functions, including upregulated genes [PMC6839856]. These clusters consist of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) that form a common subunit, such as RNA5-8SN1 [PMC8796169]. In a study on milk maturity, RNA5-8SN1 was found to be one of the 17 most abundant ncRNAs affected by milk maturity [PMC8796169]. To normalize the data, the expression of RNA5-8SN1 was compared to other RNA polymerase I and III transcripts that are not affected by P-TEFb inhibition [PMC9356186]. In another study, data files were mapped to rRNA sequences including RNA5-8SN1 to eliminate rRNA contaminant reads [PMC6379413]. In human samples, the rRNAs included NR_003285.3 (RNA5-8SN1) [PMC9458444]. Furthermore, in a study on gene expression in iron metabolism and lipoprotein assembly pathways, RNA5-8SN1 was found to be one of the differentially expressed genes linked to these pathways [PMC7222197]. Finally, in an analysis excluding certain genes from the rDNA gene family, RNA5-8SN1 was not specifically mentioned as one of the excluded genes [PMC8954558].

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