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Homo sapiens (human) vault RNA 1-2 (VTRNA1-2) secondary structure diagram

Homo sapiens (human) vault RNA 1-2 (VTRNA1-2) URS0000000A8C_9606

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VTRNA1-2: VTRNA1-2 is a type of vault RNA that has been studied in various contexts [PMC5137419]. In a study by Hsu et al., it was found that terminal uridines were included in the soft-clipped part of the read for VTRNA1-2 and Y4 transcripts [PMC5137419]. The study also showed that VTRNA1-2, along with other vault RNAs (vtRNA1-1 and vtRNA1-3) and Y RNAs (Y1, Y3, and Y4), were upregulated in certain conditions [PMC5137419]. Another study by Zhang et al. confirmed previous findings that the methylation of VTRNA1-2 promoter decreases in tumor samples compared to normal samples, while vtRNA2-1's methylation increases [PMC8287541]. The deletion of VTRNA1-2 did not affect the genomic loci of vtRNA1-1, vtRNA1-3, and vtRNA2-1 [PMC10087102]. NSUN2 was found to add modifications to specific positions on vtRNA transcripts, including C69 on vtRNA1-1, C27 and C59 on VTRNA1-2, and C15, C27, and C59 on vtRNA1-3 [PMC9179338]. Finally, a RT-qPCR analysis was performed by Zhang et al. to validate the expression levels of specific target genes for sVTRNA (ERBB4, ADAM12, KCNH1, PLXNA4) as well as a negative control target gene for svtRNA (PARP12) [PMC10087102].

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