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Mus musculus (house mouse) mmu-miR-15a-3p URS00001989EA_10090

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mmu-mir-15a: Mmu-mir-15a is a type of microRNA that has been investigated in various studies. Real-time PCR was used to examine the expression of mmu-mir-15a in the brain tissue of mice [PMC5544724]. TaqMan Assays were used for quantitation, including mmu-mir-15a [PMC4508006]. Mmu-mir-15a has been found to suppress the expression of Mlycd [PMC3692539]. It has also been associated with IRF and joint target genes [PMC7074395]. Mmu-mir-15a has been implicated in the inhibition of IL-17 production and its role in offspring thymic expression [PMC8234718]. Additionally, mmu-mir-15a has been studied in relation to key genes and microRNAs involved in various biological processes [PMC6781998]. In some studies, mmu-mir-15a was found to be downregulated in certain conditions, such as DIO mice [PMC4571067]. It is also involved in the regulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis [PMC2244641]. The concentration of Taqman probe for mmu-mir-15a was 200 nM [PMC5425121]. References: [PMC5544724] [PMC4508006] [PMC3692539] [PMC7074395] [PMC8234718] [PMC6781998] [PM4571067] [PM2244641] [PM5425121]

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