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Bos taurus (cattle) bta-let-7e URS0000190DC2_9913

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bta-let-7e: Bta-let-7e is a microRNA that is part of the miR-let-7 family [PMC7230347]. It has been identified as a target site in the novel_circ_0006981 [PMC7230347]. Additionally, bta-let-7e is one of the hub miRNAs in the red module, along with bta-let-7a-5p and bta-let-7f, and has been associated with the insulin-like growth factor receptor signaling pathway [PMC6637853]. It is also involved in various biological processes, along with other hub miRNAs such as bta-miR-33a/b, bta-miR-100, and bta-miR-204 [PMC6637853]. Bta-miR-33a/b, bta-miR100, and other hub miRNAs are part of different families such as miR-Let 7 (including bta-Let 7a 5p), miR30 (including bta-miR30a 5p), miR148 (including bta-miRNA148a), and miRNA26 (including BTA-MIR26A) [PMC7191744]. Furthermore, three single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were found in the seed regions of three different microRNAs including BTA-Let 7e. These SNPs were located in QTL regions associated with protein content, protein yield, and fat yield [PMC8486775]. Overall, these findings highlight the importance of BTA-Let 7e in various biological processes and its potential role in regulating protein content and fat yield.

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