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Homo sapiens (human) microRNA hsa-mir-483 precursor URS000018B0EE_9606

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MIR483: In summary, using Cas9 immunoprecipitation we identified the oncogenic MIR483 as a critical component in the regulatory complex of IGF2 imprinting [PMC5470959]. In the present study, MIR483 was discovered to be highly expressed in the tissues of patients with BPD and may be involved in bronchial mucosal necrosis and poor repair after injury [PMC9061009]. To evaluate the phenotypic effects of MIR483 downregulation, the proliferation rate of the MIR483−/− C2C12 cells was measured in both Igf2+/+ and Igf2dGGCT cells, where the ZBED6-Igf2 axis is disrupted [PMC8484269].

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