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Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) dme-miR-263a-3p URS000016D62E_7227

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dme-mir-263a: Dme-mir-263a is a Drosophila miRNA that was studied using Pandan sensors [PMC4889923]. In an experiment, it was observed that dme-mir-263a, along with dme-miR-263b, exhibited strong circadian regulation [PMC4813163]. The circadian fluctuations in the expression of dme-mir-263a and dme-miR-263b were detected in wild type flies and were significantly reduced in the arrhythmic clock mutant cyc01 [PMC8847441]. The 5' end of dme-mir-263a showed no significant homology with other fly miRNAs [PMC2486268]. The oscillations of both dme-mir-263a and -263b were confirmed using quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) and were found to persist in constant dark conditions [PMC2263044]. Dme-miR-124 showed a similar expression pattern to that of dme-mir-263a and -263b, with trough levels during mid-day followed by increases during the early to late-night [PMC2263044]. Only dme-mir-263a and -263b exhibited statistically significant daily abundance changes in wild type flies using the ANOVA with 5% FDR test [PMC2263044]. The mature sequence for miR-183 in vertebrates is similar to that of both D. melanogaster dme-mir-263a and miR-263b [PMC2263044].

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This sequence is found in 2 other species

  1. Cochliomyia macellaria mature cma-miR-263a-3p
  2. Drosophila virilis dvi-miR-263a-3p