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Homo sapiens (human) SIRT1 regulating lncRNA tumor promoter (SIRLNT) URS000016D1BD_9606

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SIRLNT: SIRLNT is a long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) that predominantly participates in DNA looping [PMC8682742]. In a study, SIRLNT was identified as one of the differentially expressed genes in breast cancer (BCa) [PMC8177463]. It was classified as an increased-risk gene, along with MNX1-AS1, AC092920.1, AC105219.1, and AL355312.3 [PMC8177463]. SIRLNT, along with AC092920.1 and AC055854.1, was found to be independently correlated with overall survival (OS) in BCa patients [PMC8177463]. Furthermore, an 8-lncRNA-based signature that included SIRLNT was constructed and validated to predict BCa patient survival outcomes and migration of BCa cells [PMC8177463]. In another study focusing on neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), SIRLNT was identified as one of the 10 NETs-associated lncRNAs [PMC9676361]. Using LASSO regression analysis, a prognostic signature containing SIRLNT along with AL365181.3, FAM83A-AS1, and AJ003147.2 was developed for NETs patients [PMC9676361]. Additionally, SIRLNT has been found to act as a tumor promoter in breast cancer by regulating miR-4766-5p [PMC9676361]. References: - PMC8682742 - PMC8177463 - PMC9676361

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