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Homo sapiens (human) long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 2513 (LINC02513) URS000016998F_9606

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LINC02513: LINC02513 is a gene that has been identified as being involved in the regulation of multiple trans-acting genes, which are strongly downregulated with age, while the lead life-extending variant increases expression [PMC7366647]. In a study that included genes which could not be tested for heterogeneity, it was found that 10 of the trans-acting genes colocalize with the signal near LINC02513 [PMC7366647]. The lead multivariate SNP for this locus is rs17499404 [PMC7366647]. Although replication of this locus in large independent cohorts was not available at the time of the study, it is suggested that further investigation is warranted [PMC7366647]. The study also found evidence of sexual dimorphism for the ApoE ε4 allele but no sexual dimorphism for lead SNPs near LINC02513 [PMC7366647]. Genes linked to LINC02513 are involved in similar biological pathways such as myeloid differentiation, erythrocyte homeostasis, and chemical homeostasis [PMC7366647]. Additionally, SNPs near LINC02513 and other loci identified in this study were associated with a reduction in cardiovascular disease phenotypes [PMC7366647]. Overall, LINC02513 appears to be an interesting locus with multiple trans-acting genes regulated by it and potential implications for age-related gene expression changes and cardiovascular disease risk.

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