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Homo sapiens (human) microRNA hsa-mir-95 precursor URS000015F70F_9606

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MIR95: MIR95 is a microRNA that is highly expressed in prostate and lung cancers and has oncogenic function [PMC5302951]. In patients with primary myelofibrosis, there is a decrease in the expression of MIR95 [PMC6183594]. MIR95 has also been found to be expressed more in tolerant recipients compared to non-tolerant recipients, and it is positively correlated with activated Treg markers [PMC7412931]. It has been suggested that a disruption of the binding site of MIR95 may affect its expression and modulatory effect in myogenic cells, indicating its potential role as a disease modifier [PMC6969370]. In pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasms and pancreatic adenocarcinomas, there is an upregulation of MIR95 compared to normal pancreatic tissue [PMC3849454]. Knockdown of MIR95 has been shown to speed up apoptosis induced by irradiation [PMC6525830]. The genomic organization and sequence conservation of MIR95 have been investigated, with experimental validation confirming its relevance as a pool of miRNAs [PMC3874173]. Overall, these findings highlight the importance of MIR95 in various biological processes and disease conditions [PMC5302951, PMC6183594, PMC7412931, PMC6969370, PMC3849454, PMC6525830, PMC3874173].

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