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Homo sapiens (human) hsa-miR-548aa URS000012930C_9606

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hsa-miR-548aa: Hsa-mir-548aa is a miRNA that was identified through intersection analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs in patients with anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) [PMC9904904]. Among the three miRNAs found in the intersection analysis, only hsa-miR-143-3p showed significantly higher expression in ATC patients compared to normal controls [PMC9904904]. Hsa-mir-548aa is located on the sense strand of a genomic region, while hsa-mir-548d is located on the antisense strand, and their products can form a complementary miRNA:miRNA duplex [PMC3468316]. Hsa-mir-548aa and hsa-miR-548 t-3p are sense/antisense miRNAs that may or may not have location correlation [PMC3468316]. Hsa-mir-548aa has been associated with different cancer types, along with hsa-miR-1273d, hsa-miR-548 t-3p, and hsa-miR-1273 g-3p [PMC5629565]. In the context of specific gene mutations, hsa-mir-548aa has been predicted to target STK11 [PMC7999775]. Hsa-mir-548aa has also been identified as one of the top target miRNAs along with hsa-mir 548ap 3p, hsa mir 4288 and hsm mir 3138 [PMC6414176]. Additionally, there are specific entries for both hsm mir 548aa and has mir 548 t 3p in the miRBase database that have identical sequences and RNAcentral links [PMC8942954]. Finally, both circRNA variants (hsa_circ_0089761 and hsm_circ_0089763) share 26 identical miRNA targets, including hsa-mir-548aa [PMC9441041].

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