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Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) microRNA dme-mir-100 precursor secondary structure diagram

Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) microRNA dme-mir-100 precursor URS00000FCF87_7227

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dme-mir-100: Dme-mir-100 is a derived mature microRNA that is assigned the name dme-mir-100 for the guide strand and dme-mir-100* for the passenger strand [PMC4451068]. The prefix "dme" in dme-mir-100 designates the organism, Drosophila melanogaster, and is followed by sequentially assigned numbers [PMC4718083]. Dme-mir-100, along with dme-miR-92a and dme-miR-124, was selected based on data generated in a laboratory and their orthology with human miRNAs [PMC5090246]. Drosophila miRNAs, including dme-mir-100, show extensive overall similarity with human miRNAs with 5' mismatches [PMC2486268]. The expression profiles of dme-mir-100 have low correlation coefficients with profiles of its corresponding miRNA* [PMC3150300]. A weak correlation between dme-mir-100 and its passenger strand (dme-mir-100*) suggests possible regulation during its maturation [PMC3150300]. Notably, tissue-specific A-to-I editing of dme-mir-100 has been observed in male heads and a cell line [PMC3150300]. The expression profiles of dme-miR-305, along with other miRNAs including dme-miR-283 and dmiR992, are weakly correlated to at least one miRNA from their clusters [PMC3150300]. Independent regulation of both Drosophila let7 (dmiR let7) and mir 100 has been observed during post-transcriptional regulation [PMC3150300]. Several other miRNAs have also been reported to be involved in metamorphosis development in insects including DmiR125, DmiR34a, and DmiR14 [PMC5689003].

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