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Sus scrofa (pig) ssc-miR-31 URS00000DE5AF_9823

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ssc-mir-31: ssc-mir-31 is a microRNA that is predicted to target four different genes induced by NRF2, namely AKR1C4, AKR1CL1, GGT1, and TXNRD1 [PMC7426424]. It shows a high level of connectivity in networks and interacts specifically with NRF2 activated targets [PMC7426424]. To validate the expression of ssc-mir-31, quantitative stem-loop RT-PCR analysis was performed along with other miRNAs such as ssc-miR-145-5p, ssc-miR-98, and ssc-miR-1839-5p [PMC4934789]. The expression of ssc-mir-31 was consistent with the small RNA sequencing results and was found to be highly expressed in mESCs and somatic stem cells [PMC4934789]. In piPSCs, the expression of ssc-mir-31 was up-regulated compared to pEFs [PMC4934789]. Additionally, changes in lipid-related miRNAs including ssc-mir-31 were identified through deep sequencing analysis [PMC6617047]. The authenticity of miRNA sequencing data was validated by performing RT-qPCR on randomly selected differentially expressed miRNAs including ssc-mir-31 [PMC9622794]. The regulatory orientation and expression patterns of these miRNAs were consistent with their sequencing results [PMC9622794]. Furthermore, differential expression of several miRNAs including ssc-mir-31 was observed at different time points during infection [PMC4759598]. In summary, ssc-mir-31 is a microRNA that targets genes induced by NRF2 and shows high connectivity in networks. It has been validated through quantitative stem-loop RT-qPCR analysis and found to be highly expressed in mESCs and somatic stem cells. In piPSCs, its expression is up-regulated compared to pEFs. Changes in ssc-mir-31 expression have also been observed in lipid-related contexts and during infection. [PMC7426424] [PMC4934789] [PMC6617047] [PMC9622794] [PMC4759598].

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