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Apis mellifera (honey bee) ame-miR-279d-3p URS00000D08A0_7460

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This sequence is found in 34 other species

  1. Blattella germanica Bge-Mir-279-o36_3p (mature (guide))
  2. Centruroides sculpturatus (bark scorpion) Csc-Mir-279-P14b_3p (mature (guide))
  3. Daphnia magna Dma-Mir-279-o6_3p (mature (guide))
  4. Daphnia pulex dpu-miR-279a
  5. Dinoponera quadriceps dqu-miR-279b-3p
  6. Eisenia fetida Efe-Mir-279-o18_3p (mature (guide))
  7. Heliconius melpomene hme-miR-279a
  8. Ixodes ricinus (castor bean tick) iri-miR-279a-3p
  9. Ixodes scapularis isc-miR-279
  10. Limulus polyphemus (Atlantic horseshoe crab) Lpo-Mir-279-P10_3p (mature (guide))
  11. Lottia gigantea (owl limpet) lgi-miR-279
  12. Manduca sexta (tobacco hornworm) mse-miR-279a
  13. Melibe leonina mle-miR-279-3p
  14. Parasteatoda tepidariorum (common house spider) pte-miR-279-3p
  15. Penaeus japonicus miR-279
  16. Tribolium castaneum tca-miR-279b-3p
  17. Triops cancriformis tcf-miR-279a