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Homo sapiens (human) mitochondrially encoded tRNA-Gly (GGN) (MT-TG) secondary structure diagram

Homo sapiens (human) mitochondrially encoded tRNA-Gly (GGN) (MT-TG) URS00000C6674_9606

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MT-TG: MT-TG is a mitochondrial gene that has been studied in the context of MFN2 cKO animals [PMC9046932]. In a study, it was found that several mitochondrial genes, including mt-Tl2, MT-TG, mt-Atp6, mt-Co2, mt-Cytb, and mt-Nd4, were upregulated in MFN2 cKO animals at PD 24 but downregulated at PD 52 [PMC9046932]. This suggests that the expression of MT-TG and other mitochondrial genes is dynamic and changes over time in MFN2 cKO animals. Additionally, it was observed that the induction of inflammatory cytokine expression was not observed in the hearts of MT-TG diabetic mice [PMC2682666]. This finding suggests that MT-TG may not play a role in the induction of inflammatory cytokine expression in diabetic mice [PMC2682666]. Further research is needed to fully understand the role and regulation of MT-TG and its implications in mitochondrial gene expression and diabetic conditions.

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This sequence is found in 6 other species

  1. Cloning vector pRS316-1B9 tRNA-Gly
  2. Homo heidelbergensis (Heidelberg man) tRNA-Gly
  3. Homo sapiens neanderthalensis neanderthalensis transfer RNA-Gly
  4. Homo sapiens subsp. 'Denisova' subsp. 'Denisova' (Denisova hominin) transfer RNA-Gly
  5. Pan troglodytes ellioti tRNA-Gly
  6. Pan troglodytes verus tRNA-Gly
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