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Bos taurus (cattle) bta-miR-18a URS00000A05D9_9913

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bta-mir-18a: Bta-mir-18a is a microRNA that has been found to be expressed at relatively higher levels in the ovarian cortical portion [PMC2762473]. It is also one of the known miRNAs that show consistent relative expression in the high motility (HM) and low motility (LM) fractions of sperm [PMC5209821]. In the distal jejunum, bta-mir-18a has been found to be negatively correlated with several genes, including F3, PTGS2, THEMIS, ITK, and TIFA [PMC7959717]. It is also negatively correlated with ITCH, GJA1, IL4R, F3, and CD7 in the distal jejunum and is associated with immune cell trafficking and humoral immune response [PMC7959717]. Bta-mir-18a has been shown to be negatively correlated with several transporters pathways [PMC9378797]. It also shows a strong correlation with several miRNAs such as bta-miR-96, bta-miR-652, and bta-miR-6123 [PMC9378797]. Interestingly, bta-mir-18a shows an inverse correlation pattern with microbiota composition compared to other miRNAs [PMC9378797]. In both humans and cattle studies, bta-mir-18a has been associated with bacteria such as E. coli shedding in cattle's distal jejunum [PMC9378797]. Bta-mir-18a is also correlated with methane metabolism as well as ABC transporters and transcription factors pathways [PMC9378797].

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This sequence is found in 67 other species

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