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Homo sapiens (human) hsa-miR-526a-5p URS0000087207_9606

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hsa-mir-520c: Hsa-mir-520c is a microRNA (miRNA) that belongs to the miR-520 family [PMC5311252]. It contains a strong seed sequence homology with other miRNAs in the family, including hsa-mir-372, hsa-mir-373, hsa-mir-519c [PMC5311252]. Alterations in the expression level of hsa-mir-520c have been observed in isolated exosomes of patients with pancreatic cancer (PC) [PMC7762339]. Hsa-mir-520c is one of four miRNA genes that contain polymorphisms overlapping both the Drosha and Dicer cleavage site [PMC4299713]. It has also been identified as a prognostic factor impacting the survival of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients [PMC7150540]. However, the specific mechanisms and pathways involving hsa-mir-520c in HCC have not been determined [PMC7150540]. Hsa-mir-520c has been shown to have regulatory effects by binding to the 3'-UTR of amyloid precursor protein (APP) and negatively correlating with endogenous APP levels in HEK-293 cells [PMC9441681]. Sequence analysis has revealed a single point mutation in the stem loop structure of hsa-mir-520c in a cell line derived from a patient with malignant melanoma [PMC3544448]. Hsa-mir-520c belongs to both the "miR-302/372/373" and "miR-520" families of miRNAs [PMC5584237].

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This sequence is found in 7 other species

  1. Gorilla gorilla gorilla ggo-miR-518d-5p (MIR518D)
  2. Gorilla gorilla (western gorilla) ggo-miR-520c
  3. Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee) ptr-miR-526a
  4. Pongo pygmaeus ppy-miR-518e-5p