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Homo sapiens (human) hsa-miR-541-5p URS0000076E54_9606

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hsa-mir-541: Hsa-mir-541 is a microRNA that has been identified as differentially expressed in various studies [PMC5950030] [PMC8321750] [PMC4278335] [PMC4662465] [PMC6061222] [PMC9252828]. It has been found that low expression of hsa-mir-541 is associated with a higher survival rate in certain conditions [PMC8321750]. Hsa-mir-541 is encoded in the chromosome 14q32 region along with other survival-associated microRNAs [PMC4278335]. It has been observed that hsa-mir-541 targets multiple components of the UPS system and has functions in E3 ligases and deubiquitinases, which may contribute to poor prognosis in certain cases [PMC4278335]. Hsa-mir-541 has also been found to have the most number of predicted target genes among RE-miRs, with 264 predicted targets identified so far [PMC4278335]. In addition, hsa-mir-541 has been implicated as a negative regulator of osteoblastic differentiation, based on one study related to bone tissues [PMC6053384]. Furthermore, hsa-mir-541 is part of ceRNA networks where it may be targeted by LINC01010 along with other microRNAs such as hsa-mir-372, hsa-mir-373, and hsa-mir-488 [PMC7271455]. Overall, these findings highlight the potential role and significance of hsa-miR-541 in various biological processes and disease conditions.

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This sequence is found in 9 other species

  1. Bos taurus (cattle) Bta-Mir-541_5p (mature (guide))
  2. Callithrix jacchus Callithrix_jacchus piRNA piR-cja-1749492
  3. Dasypus novemcinctus dno-miR-541-5p
  4. Echinops telfairi Ete-Mir-541_5p (mature (guide))
  5. Gorilla gorilla gorilla ggo-miR-541 (MIR541)
  6. Gorilla gorilla (western gorilla) ggo-miR-541
  7. Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey) mml-miR-541-5p
  8. Oryctolagus cuniculus ocu-miR-541-5p
  9. Ovis aries (sheep) oar-miR-541-5p