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Sus scrofa (pig) ssc-miR-29a-5p URS0000076995_9823

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ssc-mir-29a: Ssc-mir-29a is a microRNA that is involved in the regulation of apoptosis and has been found to be differentially expressed at different time points after infection [PMC4759598]. It is initially down-regulated at 24 hours post-infection (pi), but later up-regulated at 72 hours and 14 days pi [PMC4759598]. Ssc-mir-29a has been shown to affect the functions of Akt and FoxO proteins, potentially through the regulation of PTEN protein levels [PMC4759598]. It has also been found to target BCL2 and MCL1, which are involved in apoptosis, and its down-regulation at 24 hours pi may contribute to their up-regulation [PMC4759598]. Ssc-mir-29a is the only miRNA that was found to be differentially expressed at all three examined time points [PMC4759598]. It has also been identified as a potential regulator of genes involved in leukocyte migration and chemokine activity [PMC8851844]. Ssc-mir-29a is expressed in various pig tissues, including brain, liver, heart, muscle, colon, kidney, lung, spleen, stomach, cervix and fibroblasts [PMC3427155]. It has also been shown to be highly expressed in the anterior pituitary gland [PMC4489742]. Additionally, ssc-mir-29a expression was enhanced at D100 compared to E90 in pigs [PMC4423774]. In functional studies using FBCs (fibroblast-like cells), ssc-mir-29a mimics or inhibitors were used for transfection experiments along with negative controls or EDAR siRNA for comparison purposes [PMC9133881].

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