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Bos taurus (cattle) bta-miR-378 URS00000451A1_9913

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bta-miR-378: Bta-mir-378, a microRNA, was found to be a target of novel_circ_0000628 in a study [PMC7230347]. In the same study, bta-miR-200a was also identified as a target of novel_circ_0000628 [PMC7230347]. Several microRNAs, including bta-miR-181a, bta-miR-20a, bta-miR-30b-5p, and bta-mir-378, were selected as endogenous controls for qRT-PCR assays due to their high expression levels and lack of significant differences between treatments [PMC6691986]. These microRNAs were employed as reference controls in the study to ensure accurate quantification of gene expression levels [PMC6691986]. The use of endogenous controls is crucial in qRT-PCR assays as they provide a stable reference for normalization and help account for technical variations [PMC6691986]. The selection of appropriate endogenous controls is essential to ensure reliable and accurate gene expression analysis [PMC6691986]. In this study, bta-mir-378 was one of the microRNAs chosen as an endogenous control due to its stable expression across treatments [PMC6691986]. The use of multiple endogenous controls further enhances the reliability and robustness of qRT-PCR assays by minimizing potential biases or variations in gene expression analysis [PMC6691986].

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