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Bos taurus (cattle) Bta-Mir-154-P18_3p (mature (guide)) URS0000031935_9913

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bta-mir-154: The SNP g.1536C > T in the TNP2 3′-UTR, which alters the binding of TNP2 with bta-mir-154, is associated with the semen quality traits of Chinese Holstein bulls [PMC4863368]. The SNP g.1536C > T is located within the bta-mir-154 binding site [PMC3885562]. Bioinformatics predictions indicate that TNP2 is one of the target genes of bta-mir-154 [PMC3885562]. The inhibitory effects of bta-mir-154 on TNP2 expression are observed through direct binding to the TNP2 3′-UTR with g.1536C > T-T, while no binding is observed in the g.1536C > T-C SNP mutation [PMC3885562]. Bta-mir-154 expression is male-specific and upregulated 1.4-fold in adult bull testicular tissues compared to fetal bull testicular tissues [PMC3885562]. The effect of bta-mir-154 on TNP2 activity was tested using a one-way ANOVA [PMC3885562].

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