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Rna Publications

API endpoint that allows the citations associated with each Unique RNA Sequence to be viewed.

API documentation

GET /api/v1/rna/URS00009D26A1/publications?format=api
HTTP 200 OK Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Vary: Accept Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS
{ "count": 3, "next": null, "previous": null, "results": [ { "title": "Bacterial communities in the rhizosphere of amilaceous maize (Zea mays L.) as assessed by pyrosequencing", "authors": [ "Correa-Galeote D.", "Bedmar E.J.", "Arone G.J." ], "publication": "Unpublished.", "pubmed_id": null, "doi": null, "pub_id": "462423", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "INSDC submission", "authors": [ "Correa-Galeote D.", "Bedmar E.J.", "Arone G.J." ], "publication": "Submitted (04-JUL-2016) to the INSDC. Soil Microbiology and Symbiotic Systems, Estacion Experimental del Zaidin, Profesor Albareda, 1, Granada, Granada 18008, Spain", "pubmed_id": "", "doi": "", "pub_id": "880469", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "The SILVA ribosomal RNA gene database project: improved data processing and web-based tools", "authors": [ "Quast C", "Pruesse E", "Yilmaz P", "Gerken J", "Schweer T", "Yarza P", "Peplies J", "Glöckner FO." ], "publication": "Nucleic Acids Res 41(database issue):D590-6 (2013)", "pubmed_id": "23193283", "doi": "10.1093/nar/gks1219", "pub_id": "1170991", "expert_db": true } ] }