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If you're wondering how RNAcentral might help you, here are some ideas from papers citing RNAcentral and tweets with the #UsingRNAcentral hashtag.

Reference set of non-coding RNAs

RNAcentral provides a comprehensive set of ncRNA sequences of all ncRNA types from over 780,000 species which can be used to identify new ncRNA sequences that have not been seen before or to annotate a new genome.

1. {{ useCases.lebibiPublication.caption }} Try leBIBI

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3. {{ useCases.mg7MetagenomicPublication.caption }}: era7bioinformatics

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5. {{ useCases.bovineLeukemiaPublication.caption }}

Stable identifiers for non-coding RNAs

Each RNAcentral sequence has a stable identifier that uniquely corresponds to the RNA sequence. These identifiers are used to attach information extracted by curators from scientific literature:

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2. {{ useCases.goCurationPublication.caption }}

3. {{ useCases.yeastCurationPublication.caption }}

Retrieving RNA data using API

RNAcentral has a powerful API that can be used to access sequences and associated metadata, such as descriptions, cross-references, or secondary structures:

{{ useCases.secondaryStructurePredictionPublication.caption }}

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