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Danio rerio (zebrafish) dre-miR-150 URS000075E14D_7955

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dre-mir-150: Dre-mir-150 is an miRNA that is encoded by the orthologous pre-miRNA dre-mir-150 and is involved in the regulation of various biological processes [PMC3005926]. In a study to validate the expression levels of circRNAs, miRNAs, and mRNAs after infection with E. tarda, dre-mir-150 was randomly selected and its expression level was measured using RT-qPCR [PMC7857051]. It was also predicted to have a relationship with dre-miR-203a-3p, novel_circ_0001819, novel_circ_0003210, and novel_circ_0003372 [PMC7857051]. Additionally, dre-mir-150 was found to be significantly up-regulated along with dre-miR-34b and dre-miR-15a*, which are known to target c-myb [PMC4785739]. Furthermore, dre-mir-150 was found to be enriched in gills and skin [PMC2684549]. However, the formation of a G4 structure in dre-mir-150 and its role in regulating pre-miR-150 processing have not been previously explored [PMC10002522]. Overall, these findings highlight the importance of dre-mir-150 in various biological processes and suggest its potential role in regulating gene expression.

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