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Gallus gallus (chicken) microRNA gga-mir-196 precursor (gga-mir-196-2, gga-mir-196-4, gga-mir-196-5) URS000075D9D4_9031

Automated summary: This pre miRNA sequence is 94 nucleotides long and is found in Gallus gallus. Annotated by 4 databases (ENA, RefSeq, miRBase, Ensembl). Matches 1 Rfam family (mir-196, RF00256). Gallus gallus (chicken) microRNA gga-mir-196 precursor (gga-mir-196-2, gga-mir-196-4, gga-mir-196-5) sequence is a product of mir-196-4, gga-mir-196-4 precursor, MIR196B, gga-mir-196-2 precursor, mir-196-5 precursor, mir-196-2 precurso, mir-196-4 precursor, mir-196-2 precursor, mir-196-2, mir-196-4 precurso, mir-196-5, mir-196-5 precurso, gga-mir-196-5 precursor, ENSGALG00010002984.1 genes. Found in the Gallus gallus reference genome.

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    This sequence is found in 35 other species

    1. Accipiter nisus microRNA 196b (ENSANIG00000017316.1)
    2. Anas platyrhynchos microRNA 196b (ENSAPLG00020001004.1)
    3. Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos (common mallard) microRNA 196b (ENSAPLG00000000450.2)
    4. Anas zonorhyncha miRNA (ENSAZOG00000012280.1)
    5. Anser brachyrhynchus (pink-footed goose) microRNA 196b (ENSABRG00000010213.1)
    6. Apteryx owenii (little spotted kiwi) microRNA 196b (ENSAOWG00000006323.1)
    7. Apteryx rowi (Okarito brown kiwi) miRNA (ENSARWG00000010811.1)
    8. Aquila chrysaetos chrysaetos microRNA 196b (ENSACCG00020008177.1)
    9. Bubo bubo (Eurasian eagle-owl) miRNA (ENSBOBG00000002700.1)
    10. Buteo japonicus miRNA (ENSBJAG00000004733.1)
    11. Cairina moschata domestica miRNA (ENSCMMG00000008718.1)
    12. Camarhynchus parvulus miRNA (ENSCPVG00000003375.2)
    13. Catharus ustulatus miRNA (ENSCUSG00005004391.1)
    14. Corvus moneduloides miRNA (ENSCMUG00000011522.2)
    15. Coturnix japonica (Japanese quail) microRNA 196b (ENSCJPG00005012533.1)
    16. Cyanoderma ruficeps microRNA 196b (ENSCRFG00000005716.1)
    17. Chloebia gouldiae (Gouldian finch) microRNA 196b (ENSEGOG00005002631.1)
    18. Falco tinnunculus miRNA (ENSFTIG00000012029.1)
    19. Ficedula albicollis (Collared flycatcher) miRNA (ENSFALG00000015663.2)
    20. Junco hyemalis microRNA 196b (ENSJHYG00000005786.1)
    21. Lepidothrix coronata microRNA 196b (ENSLCOG00000001687.1)
    22. Lonchura striata domestica microRNA 196b (ENSLSDG00000000787.1)
    23. Malurus cyaneus samueli (superb fairywren) miRNA (ENSMCSG00000007552.1)
    24. Manacus vitellinus microRNA 196b (ENSMVIG00005017590.1)
    25. Melopsittacus undulatus (budgerigar) miRNA (ENSMUNG00000007190.2)
    26. Numida meleagris microRNA 196b (ENSNMEG00000007773.1)
    27. Otus sunia (Oriental scops-owl) miRNA (ENSOSUG00000004999.1)
    28. Parus major (Great Tit) microRNA 196b (ENSPMJG00000001486.1)
    29. Pavo cristatus microRNA 196b (ENSPSTG00000018430.1)
    30. Serinus canaria microRNA 196b (ENSSCAG00000015056.1)
    31. Strix occidentalis caurina miRNA (ENSSOCG00000003744.1)
    32. Struthio camelus australis (African ostrich) miRNA (ENSSCUG00000006919.1)
    33. Taeniopygia guttata (zebra finch) microRNA 196b (ENSTGUG00000018032.2)
    34. Zonotrichia albicollis miRNA (ENSZALG00000011306.1)
    35. Zosterops lateralis melanops (silver-eye) microRNA 196b (ENSZLMG00000004130.1)