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Brugia malayi bma-miR-71 URS000053F275_6279

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bma-mir-71: Bma-mir-71 is a highly expressed microRNA in the juvenile microfilariae (Mf) stage of Brugia malayi, a parasitic nematode [PMC9861972]. It is one of several microRNAs that are overexpressed in the adult stage, along with members of the miR-2 and miR-36 clusters [PMC9861972]. Bma-mir-71 has been found to target ammonium transport protein and proteins involved in the Lin-12/Notch signaling pathway in B. malayi [PMC9861972]. It also has immunomodulatory properties by downregulating proteins involved in the mTOR pathway [PMC9861972]. In addition to B. malayi, bma-mir-71 has also been detected in other parasitic nematodes such as Onchocerca volvulus [PMC5313568]. The miRCURY LNA Universal RT microRNA PCR system has been used to confirm the presence of bma-mir-71 and other parasitic miRNAs [PMC5313568]. The detection of bma-mir-71, along with ov-miR-71-22nt and ov-miR-71-23nt, was consistently observed across multiple samples using this system [PMC5313568]. Synthetic oligoribonucleotides corresponding to bma-mir-71 have been used for validation purposes [PMC5313568].

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