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Oryza sativa (rice) osa-miR396e-5p URS0000440877_4530

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osa-miR396e-5p: Osa-mir396e-5p is a miRNA that has been investigated for its role in rice immunity [PMC7037501]. It has been shown that the expression trends of osa-mir396e-5p in qRT-PCR experiments were consistent with the data from small RNA-seq, indicating its potential importance in rice immunity [PMC7037501]. Osa-mir396e-5p is also a member of the conserved miRNA family involved in the carbohydrate network [PMC7589925]. In a study on DXWR, osa-mir396e-5p was identified as one of the most abundantly expressed conserved miRNAs [PMC9960954]. Interestingly, osa-mir396e-5p was found to be up-regulated by RSV infection but not expressed in mock samples, suggesting its potential role in RSV infection [PMC5023111]. Osa-mir396e-5p has been found to have 21 target genes, including SAC9 protein and growth-regulating factor, indicating its potential multifunctionality in rice [PMC5023111]. Furthermore, osa-mir396e-5p was consistently up-regulated by RSV at all stages of infection [PMC5023111]. Given these findings, further research is needed to fully characterize the role of osa-mir396e-5p associated with RSV infection and its potential implications for rice immunity and carbohydrate metabolism.

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