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Canis lupus familiaris (dog) cfa-miR-9 URS00004208C5_9615

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cfa-miR-9: Cfa-mir-9 is a dog brain HTE miRNA that shares sequence homology with rat and human and is a cross-species biomarker candidate for brain injury [PMC4989286]. It has been found that naturally occurring myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD) in dogs, which closely resembles MVP in humans, is associated with increased levels of plasma-associated exosomal cfa-mir-9 [PMC7696149]. Cfa-mir-9, along with cfa-miR-181c, cfa-miR-495, and cfa-miR-599, shows changes in expression levels during disease progression and development of heart failure in dogs [PMC5533140]. Cfa-mir-9 and cfa-miR-495 have common target genes such as AGFG1 and FAM126B, which are associated with fibrosis control, cardiomyocyte replication, energetics, cardiac fibrosis, cellular energy production, Ca2+ homeostasis or cardiac remodeling [PMC5533140]. MiRNA target predictions suggest a network involving cfa-mir-9 that deserves further attention [PMC5533140]. The expression of cfa-mir-9 appears to be age-related in dogs [PMC5533140]. In older normal dogs compared to young normal dogs or dogs with MMVD or MMVD-related congestive heart failure (MMVD-CHF), the expression level of cfa-mir-9 is low [PMC5533140]. CFA mir 9 has been found to be consistently elevated in various cancer cell types according to both NGS and qPCR analyses [PMC8379617]. The expression of cfa mir 9 correlates not only with disease progression but also with the age of the dog [PMC8400600].

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This sequence is found in 107 other species

  1. Acyrthosiphon pisum (pea aphid) api-miR-9a
  2. Aedes aegypti aae-miR-9a
  3. Alligator mississippiensis (American alligator) Ami-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  4. Anolis carolinensis Aca-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  5. Anopheles gambiae (African malaria mosquito) aga-miR-9a
  6. Apis mellifera ame-miR-9a-5p
  7. Ascaris suum asu-miR-9-5p
  8. Ateles geoffroyi (black-handed spider monkey) age-miR-9
  9. Blattella germanica (German cockroach) Bge-Mir-9-o13_5p (mature (guide))
  10. Bombyx mori bmo-miR-9a-5p
  11. Bos taurus Bta-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  12. Branchiostoma belcheri (Belcher's lancelet) bbe-miR-9-5p
  13. Callithrix jacchus (white-tufted-ear marmoset) cja-miR-9
  14. Callorhinchus milii Cmi-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  15. Capitella teleta cte-miR-9-5p
  16. Capra hircus (goat) chi-miR-9-5p
  17. Cavia porcellus (domestic guinea pig) cpo-miR-9-5p
  18. Centruroides sculpturatus (bark scorpion) Csc-Mir-9-P26_5p (mature (guide))
  19. Chrysemys picta bellii (western painted turtle) Cpi-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  20. Chrysemys picta (Painted turtle) cpi-miR-9-5p
  21. Cochliomyia hominivorax mature cho-miR-9a-5p
  22. Cochliomyia macellaria mature cma-miR-9a-5p
  23. Columba livia (rock pigeon) cli-miR-9-5p
  24. Crassostrea gigas (Pacific oyster) Cgi-Mir-9-P19_5p (mature (guide))
  25. Danio rerio (zebrafish) dre-miR-9-5p
  26. Daphnia magna Dma-Mir-9-o15_5p (mature (guide))
  27. Daphnia pulex (common water flea) dpu-miR-9-5p
  28. Dasypus novemcinctus (nine-banded armadillo) dno-miR-9-5p
  29. Dinoponera quadriceps dqu-miR-9-5p
  30. Drosophila ananassae dan-miR-9a
  31. Drosophila erecta der-miR-9a
  32. Drosophila grimshawi dgr-miR-9a
  33. Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) dme-miR-9a-5p
  34. Drosophila mojavensis dmo-miR-9a
  35. Drosophila persimilis dpe-miR-9a
  36. Drosophila pseudoobscura dps-miR-9a
  37. Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura (Fruit fly) miRNA FBtr0294529_df_nrg
  38. Drosophila sechellia dse-miR-9a
  39. Drosophila simulans dsi-miR-9a
  40. Drosophila virilis dvi-miR-9a-5p
  41. Drosophila willistoni dwi-miR-9a
  42. Drosophila yakuba dya-miR-9a
  43. Echinops telfairi Ete-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  44. Eisenia fetida Efe-Mir-9-P21_5p (mature (guide))
  45. Eptatretus burgeri Ebu-Mir-9-P6_5p (mature (guide))
  46. Equus caballus eca-miR-9a
  47. Eurosta solidaginis (goldenrod gall fly) miR-9
  48. Gadus morhua (Atlantic cod) gmo-miR-9-5p
  49. Gallus gallus gga-miR-9-5p
  50. Gekko japonicus Gja-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  51. Gorilla gorilla gorilla ggo-miR-9 (MIR9)
  52. Gorilla gorilla (western gorilla) ggo-miR-9
  53. Haemonchus contortus (barber pole worm) hco-miR-9
  54. Heligmosomoides polygyrus hpo-miR-9-5p
  55. Homo sapiens (human) hsa-miR-9-5p
  56. Hyalella azteca miR-9
  57. Ictalurus punctatus (channel catfish) ipu-miR-9
  58. Ixodes ricinus iri-miR-9a-5p
  59. Ixodes scapularis (black-legged tick) Isc-Mir-9_5p (mature (guide))
  60. Lagothrix lagotricha lla-miR-9
  61. Latimeria chalumnae (coelacanth) Lch-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  62. Lepisosteus oculatus (spotted gar) Loc-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  63. Limulus polyphemus (Atlantic horseshoe crab) Lpo-Mir-9-P23_5p (mature (guide))
  64. Lingula anatina Lan-Mir-9_5p (mature (guide))
  65. Locusta migratoria lmi-miR-9a-5p
  66. Lottia gigantea (owl limpet) lgi-miR-9-5p
  67. Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey) mml-miR-9-5p
  68. Macaca nemestrina mne-miR-9
  69. Maylandia zebra mze-miR-9
  70. Melibe leonina mle-miR-9-5p
  71. Microcaecilia unicolor Mun-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  72. Monodelphis domestica (gray short-tailed opossum) mdo-miR-9a-5p
  73. Monopterus albus (swamp eel) Mal-Mir-9-P1b_5p (mature (guide))
  74. Mus musculus mmu-miR-9-5p
  75. Nasonia giraulti ngi-miR-9a
  76. Nasonia longicornis nlo-miR-9a
  77. Nasonia vitripennis nvi-miR-9a
  78. Nautilus pompilius Npo-Mir-9_5p (mature (co-guide))
  79. Ornithorhynchus anatinus (platypus) Oan-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  80. Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit) ocu-miR-9-5p
  81. Oryzias latipes (Japanese medaka) ola-miR-9a-5p
  82. Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee) ptr-miR-9
  83. Paralichthys olivaceus pol-miR-9b-5p
  84. Parasteatoda tepidariorum (common house spider) pte-miR-9-5p
  85. Patiria miniata pmi-miR-9-5p
  86. Polistes canadensis pca-miR-9-5p
  87. Pongo pygmaeus (Bornean orangutan) ppy-miR-9
  88. Pteropus alecto (black flying fox) pal-miR-9-5p
  89. Ptychodera flava Pfl-Mir-9-v1_5p (mature (co-guide))
  90. Python bivittatus Pbv-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  91. Rattus norvegicus rno-miR-9a-5p
  92. Saccoglossus kowalevskii Sko-Mir-9-v1_5p (mature (co-guide))
  93. Salmo salar ssa-miR-9a-5p
  94. Sarcophilus harrisii Sha-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  95. Scyliorhinus torazame (cloudy catshark) Sto-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (guide))
  96. Sphenodon punctatus Spt-Mir-9-P1_5p (mature (co-guide))
  97. Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (purple sea urchin) Spu-Mir-9_5p (mature (guide))
  98. Sus scrofa (pig) ssc-miR-9-2
  99. Taeniopygia guttata (zebra finch) tgu-miR-9-5p
  100. Takifugu rubripes fru-miR-9
  101. Tetraodon nigroviridis (spotted green pufferfish) tni-miR-9
  102. Tor tambroides miR-9-5p
  103. Tribolium castaneum Tca-Mir-9-o6_5p (mature (guide))
  104. Triops cancriformis tcf-miR-9a-5p
  105. Tupaia chinensis tch-miR-9-5p
  106. Xenopus laevis (African clawed frog) Xla-Mir-9-P1d_5p (mature (co-guide))
  107. Xenopus tropicalis (tropical clawed frog) xtr-miR-9a-5p