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Homo sapiens (human) hsa-miR-21-5p URS000039ED8D_9606

Automated summary: This miRNA sequence is 22 nucleotides long and is found in Homo sapiens. Annotated by 8 databases (RefSeq, TarBase, MalaCards, ENA, IntAct, GeneCards, LncBase, miRBase). Homo sapiens (human) hsa-miR-21-5p sequence is a product of 21, MIR21, hsa-miR-21, hsa-miR-21-5p, miR-21, miR-21-5p genes. Found in the human reference genome. Interacts with lncRNAs, such as (). Interacts with protein-coding genes, including 15.5K, 156DAG, 182-FIP, 1A1-3B, 1R20, 20D7-FC4, 225, 2PP2A, 3-10C, 3-PAP.

Interactions 268

According to PSICQUIC and IntAct, Homo sapiens (human) hsa-miR-21-5p interacts with:

Interaction id Participant Synonyms
EBI-22267582 intact:EBI-20558519 EBI-20558519 ENST00000371953 mrna_pten
EBI-20768309 intact:EBI-20738906 EBI-20738906 ENST00000377966.3 mrna_reck
URS000039ED8D_9606-0 O00206 O00206
URS000039ED8D_9606-141 O00206 O00206
URS000039ED8D_9606-1 O00712 O00712
URS000039ED8D_9606-143 O00712 O00712
URS000039ED8D_9606-142 O00712 O00712
URS000039ED8D_9606-128 O00712 O00712
URS000039ED8D_9606-129 O14519 O14519
URS000039ED8D_9606-144 O14519 O14519
URS000039ED8D_9606-145 O14727 O14727
URS000039ED8D_9606-2 O14727 O14727
URS000039ED8D_9606-3 O14763 O14763
URS000039ED8D_9606-146 O14763 O14763
URS000039ED8D_9606-147 O15105 O15105
URS000039ED8D_9606-5 O15105 O15105
URS000039ED8D_9606-4 O15105 O15105
URS000039ED8D_9606-148 O15528 O15528
URS000039ED8D_9606-6 O15528 O15528
URS000039ED8D_9606-149 O43597 O43597
URS000039ED8D_9606-8 O43597 O43597
URS000039ED8D_9606-7 O43597 O43597
URS000039ED8D_9606-10 O43609 O43609
URS000039ED8D_9606-150 O43609 O43609
URS000039ED8D_9606-9 O43609 O43609
URS000039ED8D_9606-11 O43670 O43670
URS000039ED8D_9606-151 O43670 O43670
URS000039ED8D_9606-12 O60308 O60308
URS000039ED8D_9606-152 O60308 O60308
URS000039ED8D_9606-153 O60568 O60568
URS000039ED8D_9606-13 O60568 O60568
URS000039ED8D_9606-154 O94760 O94760
URS000039ED8D_9606-14 O94760 O94760
URS000039ED8D_9606-155 O95267 O95267
URS000039ED8D_9606-15 O95267 O95267
URS000039ED8D_9606-16 O95376 O95376
URS000039ED8D_9606-156 O95376 O95376
URS000039ED8D_9606-17 O95980 O95980
URS000039ED8D_9606-18 O95980 O95980
URS000039ED8D_9606-157 O95980 O95980
URS000039ED8D_9606-158 P00750 P00750
URS000039ED8D_9606-19 P00750 P00750
URS000039ED8D_9606-20 P01375 P01375
URS000039ED8D_9606-159 P01375 P01375
URS000039ED8D_9606-160 P01584 P01584
URS000039ED8D_9606-161 P01584 P01584
URS000039ED8D_9606-22 P01584 P01584
URS000039ED8D_9606-21 P01584 P01584
URS000039ED8D_9606-162 P02462 P02462
URS000039ED8D_9606-23 P02462 P02462
URS000039ED8D_9606-163 P05362 P05362
URS000039ED8D_9606-24 P05362 P05362
URS000039ED8D_9606-164 P08047 P08047
URS000039ED8D_9606-130 P08047 P08047
URS000039ED8D_9606-25 P08294 P08294
URS000039ED8D_9606-165 P08294 P08294
URS000039ED8D_9606-166 P09493 P09493
URS000039ED8D_9606-26 P09493 P09493
URS000039ED8D_9606-131 P09493 P09493
URS000039ED8D_9606-132 P09493 P09493
URS000039ED8D_9606-167 P09493 P09493
URS000039ED8D_9606-168 P09493 P09493
URS000039ED8D_9606-169 P0C6A0 P0C6A0
URS000039ED8D_9606-27 P0C6A0 P0C6A0
URS000039ED8D_9606-170 P10909 P10909
URS000039ED8D_9606-28 P10909 P10909
URS000039ED8D_9606-29 P15428 P15428
URS000039ED8D_9606-171 P15428 P15428
URS000039ED8D_9606-172 P19793 P19793
URS000039ED8D_9606-30 P19793 P19793
URS000039ED8D_9606-173 P29459 P29459
URS000039ED8D_9606-174 P29459 P29459
URS000039ED8D_9606-32 P29459 P29459
URS000039ED8D_9606-31 P29459 P29459
URS000039ED8D_9606-175 P29966 P29966
URS000039ED8D_9606-33 P29966 P29966
URS000039ED8D_9606-35 P30304 P30304
URS000039ED8D_9606-176 P30304 P30304
URS000039ED8D_9606-177 P30304 P30304
URS000039ED8D_9606-34 P30304 P30304
URS000039ED8D_9606-36 P30405 P30405
URS000039ED8D_9606-178 P30405 P30405
URS000039ED8D_9606-37 P35625 P35625
URS000039ED8D_9606-179 P35625 P35625
URS000039ED8D_9606-38 P35711 P35711
URS000039ED8D_9606-180 P35711 P35711
URS000039ED8D_9606-40 P36952 P36952
URS000039ED8D_9606-181 P36952 P36952
URS000039ED8D_9606-182 P36952 P36952
URS000039ED8D_9606-39 P36952 P36952
URS000039ED8D_9606-41 P37173 P37173
URS000039ED8D_9606-42 P37173 P37173
URS000039ED8D_9606-183 P37173 P37173
URS000039ED8D_9606-184 P37173 P37173
URS000039ED8D_9606-185 P37231 P37231
URS000039ED8D_9606-43 P37231 P37231
URS000039ED8D_9606-186 P39687 P39687
URS000039ED8D_9606-44 P39687 P39687
URS000039ED8D_9606-187 P40337 P40337
URS000039ED8D_9606-45 P40337 P40337
URS000039ED8D_9606-188 P43026 P43026
URS000039ED8D_9606-46 P43026 P43026
URS000039ED8D_9606-189 P43246 P43246
URS000039ED8D_9606-133 P43246 P43246
URS000039ED8D_9606-190 P46734 P46734
URS000039ED8D_9606-191 P46734 P46734
URS000039ED8D_9606-47 P46734 P46734
URS000039ED8D_9606-48 P46734 P46734
URS000039ED8D_9606-192 P48023 P48023
URS000039ED8D_9606-50 P48023 P48023
URS000039ED8D_9606-51 P48023 P48023
URS000039ED8D_9606-49 P48023 P48023
URS000039ED8D_9606-194 P48023 P48023
URS000039ED8D_9606-193 P48023 P48023
URS000039ED8D_9606-52 P51532 P51532
URS000039ED8D_9606-195 P51532 P51532
URS000039ED8D_9606-53 P51617 P51617
URS000039ED8D_9606-196 P51617 P51617
URS000039ED8D_9606-197 P51815 P51815
URS000039ED8D_9606-54 P51815 P51815
URS000039ED8D_9606-134 P52701 P52701
URS000039ED8D_9606-198 P52701 P52701
URS000039ED8D_9606-58 P60484 P60484
URS000039ED8D_9606-199 P60484 P60484
URS000039ED8D_9606-200 P60484 P60484
URS000039ED8D_9606-55 P60484 P60484
URS000039ED8D_9606-56 P60484 P60484
URS000039ED8D_9606-57 P60484 P60484
URS000039ED8D_9606-59 P61978 P61978
URS000039ED8D_9606-201 P61978 P61978
URS000039ED8D_9606-61 P62745 P62745
URS000039ED8D_9606-203 P62745 P62745
URS000039ED8D_9606-60 P62745 P62745
URS000039ED8D_9606-202 P62745 P62745
URS000039ED8D_9606-62 P78504 P78504
URS000039ED8D_9606-204 P78504 P78504
URS000039ED8D_9606-205 P78543 P78543
URS000039ED8D_9606-63 P78543 P78543
URS000039ED8D_9606-64 P78556 P78556
URS000039ED8D_9606-206 P78556 P78556
URS000039ED8D_9606-65 P80723 P80723
URS000039ED8D_9606-207 P80723 P80723
URS000039ED8D_9606-66 Q03167 Q03167
URS000039ED8D_9606-208 Q03167 Q03167
URS000039ED8D_9606-67 Q06413 Q06413
URS000039ED8D_9606-209 Q06413 Q06413
URS000039ED8D_9606-210 Q07869 Q07869
URS000039ED8D_9606-69 Q07869 Q07869
URS000039ED8D_9606-212 Q07869 Q07869
URS000039ED8D_9606-68 Q07869 Q07869
URS000039ED8D_9606-137 Q07869 Q07869
URS000039ED8D_9606-136 Q07869 Q07869
URS000039ED8D_9606-213 Q07869 Q07869
URS000039ED8D_9606-211 Q07869 Q07869
URS000039ED8D_9606-135 Q07869 Q07869
URS000039ED8D_9606-70 Q08289 Q08289
URS000039ED8D_9606-214 Q08289 Q08289
URS000039ED8D_9606-138 Q13009 Q13009
URS000039ED8D_9606-215 Q13009 Q13009
URS000039ED8D_9606-216 Q13009 Q13009
URS000039ED8D_9606-71 Q13009 Q13009
URS000039ED8D_9606-217 Q13126 Q13126
URS000039ED8D_9606-72 Q13126 Q13126
URS000039ED8D_9606-218 Q13625 Q13625
URS000039ED8D_9606-73 Q13625 Q13625
URS000039ED8D_9606-74 Q13873 Q13873
URS000039ED8D_9606-219 Q13873 Q13873
URS000039ED8D_9606-75 Q13936 Q13936
URS000039ED8D_9606-220 Q13936 Q13936
URS000039ED8D_9606-76 Q14185 Q14185
URS000039ED8D_9606-221 Q14185 Q14185
URS000039ED8D_9606-77 Q14240 Q14240
URS000039ED8D_9606-78 Q15365 Q15365
URS000039ED8D_9606-222 Q15365 Q15365
URS000039ED8D_9606-79 Q15582 Q15582
URS000039ED8D_9606-223 Q32MZ4 Q32MZ4
URS000039ED8D_9606-80 Q32MZ4 Q32MZ4
URS000039ED8D_9606-81 Q3V6T2 Q3V6T2
URS000039ED8D_9606-224 Q3V6T2 Q3V6T2
URS000039ED8D_9606-89 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-232 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-231 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-230 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-229 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-228 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-227 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-226 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-225 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-82 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-83 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-84 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-85 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-86 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-87 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-88 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-90 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-91 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-92 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-140 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-139 Q53EL6 Q53EL6
URS000039ED8D_9606-93 Q567U6 Q567U6
URS000039ED8D_9606-233 Q567U6 Q567U6
URS000039ED8D_9606-234 Q5JSL3 Q5JSL3
URS000039ED8D_9606-94 Q5JSL3 Q5JSL3
URS000039ED8D_9606-95 Q5TAA0 Q5TAA0
URS000039ED8D_9606-235 Q5TAA0 Q5TAA0
URS000039ED8D_9606-96 Q86W74 Q86W74
URS000039ED8D_9606-236 Q86W74 Q86W74
URS000039ED8D_9606-237 Q8IXQ6 Q8IXQ6
URS000039ED8D_9606-97 Q8IXQ6 Q8IXQ6
URS000039ED8D_9606-238 Q8N1I0 Q8N1I0
URS000039ED8D_9606-98 Q8N1I0 Q8N1I0
URS000039ED8D_9606-99 Q8N1I0 Q8N1I0
URS000039ED8D_9606-239 Q8N9B5 Q8N9B5
URS000039ED8D_9606-100 Q8N9B5 Q8N9B5
URS000039ED8D_9606-101 Q8TCE9 Q8TCE9
URS000039ED8D_9606-240 Q8TCE9 Q8TCE9
URS000039ED8D_9606-241 Q8WW59 Q8WW59
URS000039ED8D_9606-102 Q8WW59 Q8WW59
URS000039ED8D_9606-242 Q8WZ73 Q8WZ73
URS000039ED8D_9606-103 Q8WZ73 Q8WZ73
URS000039ED8D_9606-104 Q92896 Q92896
URS000039ED8D_9606-243 Q92896 Q92896
URS000039ED8D_9606-244 Q96BY6 Q96BY6
URS000039ED8D_9606-105 Q96BY6 Q96BY6
URS000039ED8D_9606-245 Q96HP0 Q96HP0
URS000039ED8D_9606-106 Q96HP0 Q96HP0
URS000039ED8D_9606-107 Q96N67 Q96N67
URS000039ED8D_9606-246 Q96N67 Q96N67
URS000039ED8D_9606-108 Q99836 Q99836
URS000039ED8D_9606-247 Q99836 Q99836
URS000039ED8D_9606-109 Q9BPX3 Q9BPX3
URS000039ED8D_9606-248 Q9BPX3 Q9BPX3
URS000039ED8D_9606-249 Q9BUN8 Q9BUN8
URS000039ED8D_9606-110 Q9BUN8 Q9BUN8
URS000039ED8D_9606-111 Q9BXT8 Q9BXT8
URS000039ED8D_9606-250 Q9BXT8 Q9BXT8
URS000039ED8D_9606-251 Q9BZ29 Q9BZ29
URS000039ED8D_9606-112 Q9BZ29 Q9BZ29
URS000039ED8D_9606-252 Q9H3D4 Q9H3D4
URS000039ED8D_9606-113 Q9H3D4 Q9H3D4
URS000039ED8D_9606-114 Q9H7D0 Q9H7D0
URS000039ED8D_9606-253 Q9H7D0 Q9H7D0
URS000039ED8D_9606-115 Q9H7D0 Q9H7D0
URS000039ED8D_9606-254 Q9HAI6 Q9HAI6
URS000039ED8D_9606-116 Q9HAI6 Q9HAI6
URS000039ED8D_9606-255 Q9HAP2 Q9HAP2
URS000039ED8D_9606-117 Q9HAP2 Q9HAP2
URS000039ED8D_9606-256 Q9HBE4 Q9HBE4
URS000039ED8D_9606-118 Q9HBE4 Q9HBE4
URS000039ED8D_9606-119 Q9NQC3 Q9NQC3
URS000039ED8D_9606-257 Q9NQC3 Q9NQC3
URS000039ED8D_9606-259 Q9NS56 Q9NS56
URS000039ED8D_9606-121 Q9NS56 Q9NS56
URS000039ED8D_9606-120 Q9NS56 Q9NS56
URS000039ED8D_9606-258 Q9NS56 Q9NS56
URS000039ED8D_9606-260 Q9NX95 Q9NX95
URS000039ED8D_9606-122 Q9NX95 Q9NX95
URS000039ED8D_9606-123 Q9P0K1 Q9P0K1
URS000039ED8D_9606-261 Q9P0K1 Q9P0K1
URS000039ED8D_9606-124 Q9UER7 Q9UER7
URS000039ED8D_9606-262 Q9UER7 Q9UER7
URS000039ED8D_9606-125 Q9UKU0 Q9UKU0
URS000039ED8D_9606-263 Q9UKU0 Q9UKU0
URS000039ED8D_9606-126 Q9Y6W6 Q9Y6W6
URS000039ED8D_9606-264 Q9Y6W6 Q9Y6W6
URS000039ED8D_9606-127 Q9Y6X2 Q9Y6X2
URS000039ED8D_9606-265 Q9Y6X2 Q9Y6X2

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    This sequence is found in 28 other species

    1. Anolis carolinensis (green anole) aca-miR-21-5p
    2. Ateles geoffroyi age-miR-21
    3. Bos taurus microRNA miR-21
    4. Callithrix jacchus cja-miR-21
    5. Canis lupus familiaris (dog) cfa-miR-21
    6. Capra hircus miR-21
    7. Chrysemys picta cpi-miR-21-5p
    8. Columba livia (rock pigeon) cli-miR-21-5p
    9. Cricetulus griseus (Chinese hamster) cgr-miR-21-5p
    10. Equus caballus eca-miR-21
    11. Gallus gallus gga-miR-21-5p
    12. Gorilla gorilla ggo-miR-21
    13. Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey) mml-miR-21-5p
    14. Macaca nemestrina (pig-tailed macaque) mne-miR-21
    15. Monodelphis domestica mdo-miR-21-5p
    16. Mus musculus (house mouse) mmu-miR-21a-5p
    17. Ophiophagus hannah oha-miR-21-5p
    18. Ornithorhynchus anatinus oan-miR-21-5p
    19. Ovis aries microRNA miR-21
    20. Pan paniscus ppa-miR-21
    21. Pan troglodytes ptr-miR-21
    22. Pongo pygmaeus ppy-miR-21
    23. Pteropus alecto (black flying fox) pal-miR-21-5p
    24. Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat) rno-miR-21-5p
    25. Sus scrofa (pig) ssc-miR-21-5p
    26. Taeniopygia guttata (zebra finch) tgu-miR-21-5p
    27. Tupaia chinensis tch-miR-21-5p
    28. Xenopus tropicalis Xenopus_tropicalis piRNA piR-xtr-2544792
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