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Bos taurus (cattle) microRNA bta-mir-34c precursor URS00002E303C_9913

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bta-mir-34c: Bta-mir-34c is a microRNA that has been studied in various contexts [PMC7214931]. It has been found to be differentially expressed between fresh and frozen sperm [PMC7214931]. In one study, bta-mir-34c was selected for RT-qPCR validation to investigate the credibility of high-throughput sequencing [PMC6876490]. It was predicted that bta-mir-34c could bind to and regulate the expression of DDIT4 [PMC6876490]. Additionally, bta-mir-34c was confirmed to be downregulated in different studies [PMC6876490][PMC6949159][PMC9581129]. It was found to share targets with other miRNAs, such as ACAD10, PYCR1, and CLDN2 [PMC6876490]. DDIT4 was identified as a target shared by bta-mir-34c and another miRNA, bta-miR-449b [PMC6876490]. Bta-mir-34c has been implicated in cell transformation induced by BPV E5 and is involved in cancer progression and angiogenesis through the regulation of PYCR1 and DDIT4 [PMC6876490]. Technical validation of miRNA-seq data has been performed using RT-qPCR on bta-miR-100 and bta-mir-34c, which are highly expressed in bull spermatozoa [PMC9581129][PMC6731312]. Bta-mir-34c is significantly downregulated in cattle-yak testis and plays a role in promoting the transition of spermatogonia from mitosis to meiosis [PMC9785434][PMC7312616].

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