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Bos taurus (cattle) microRNA bta-mir-128 precursor (bta-mir-128-1) secondary structure diagram

Bos taurus (cattle) microRNA bta-mir-128 precursor (bta-mir-128-1) URS00002D9CBA_9913

Automated summary: This pre miRNA sequence is 82 nucleotides long and is found in Bos taurus. Annotated by 3 databases (miRBase, RefSeq, ENA). Has a conserved secondary structure or a structured region. Matches 1 Rfam family (mir-128, RF00649). Bos taurus (cattle) microRNA bta-mir-128 precursor (bta-mir-128-1) sequence is a product of mir-128-1 precursor, MIR128-1, bta-mir-128-1 precursor, 128-1, mir-128-1, mir-128-1 precurso genes. Found in the Bos taurus reference genome.

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    This sequence is found in 36 other species

    1. Ailuropoda melanoleuca mir-128
    2. Ateles geoffroyi (black-handed spider monkey) microRNA age-mir-128 precursor
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    4. Callithrix jacchus microRNA mir-128
    5. Camelus ferus microRNA mir-128
    6. Canis lupus familiaris microRNA mir-128
    7. Carlito syrichta (Philippine tarsier) miRNA (ENSTSYG00000022489.2)
    8. Cavia porcellus microRNA mir-128
    9. Chlorocebus sabaeus microRNA mir-128
    10. Dipodomys ordii microRNA mir-128
    11. Echinops telfairi (small Madagascar hedgehog) microRNA 128-1 (ENSETEG00000021423.1)
    12. Equus caballus microRNA mir-128
    13. Erinaceus europaeus microRNA 128-1 (ENSEEUG00000016219.1)
    14. Felis catus microRNA mir-128
    15. Fukomys damarensis microRNA mir-128
    16. Gorilla gorilla gorilla microRNA mir-128
    17. Heterocephalus glaber microRNA mir-128
    18. Homo sapiens microRNA hsa-mir-128 precursor (hsa-mir-128-1)
    19. Macaca mulatta microRNA mml-mir-128a precursor
    20. Monodelphis domestica microRNA 128-1 (ENSMODG00000022478.1)
    21. Myotis brandtii microRNA mir-128
    22. Myotis davidii microRNA mir-128
    23. Myotis lucifugus microRNA 128-1 (ENSMLUG00000018063.1)
    24. Nomascus leucogenys microRNA mir-128
    25. Notamacropus eugenii microRNA 128-1 (ENSMEUG00000017036.1)
    26. Ochotona princeps (American pika) microRNA 128-1 (ENSOPRG00000018067.1, ENSOPRG00000019133.1)
    27. Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit) microRNA 128-1 (ENSOCUG00000018487.1)
    28. Otolemur garnettii miRNA MIR128-1 (ENSOGAG00000017312.1)
    29. Ovis aries microRNA mir-128
    30. Pan paniscus (pygmy chimpanzee) microRNA ppa-mir-128 precursor
    31. Pan troglodytes microRNA ptr-mir-128 precursor (ptr-mir-128-1)
    32. Papio anubis microRNA mir-128
    33. Phascolarctos cinereus (koala) microRNA 128-1 (ENSPCIG00000002587.2)
    34. Pongo abelii miRNA
    35. Pongo pygmaeus (Bornean orangutan) microRNA ppy-mir-128 precursor (ppy-mir-128-1)
    36. Pteropus alecto microRNA mir-128
    37. Pteropus vampyrus (large flying fox) microRNA 128-1 (ENSPVAG00000024528.1)
    38. Rattus norvegicus microRNA rno-mir-128 precursor (rno-mir-128-1)
    39. Rhinolophus ferrumequinum microRNA 128-1 (ENSRFEG00010006847.1)
    40. Saguinus labiatus (red-chested mustached tamarin) microRNA sla-mir-128 precursor
    41. Sarcophilus harrisii microRNA mir-128
    42. Sus scrofa microRNA ssc-mir-128 precursor (ssc-mir-128-1)
    43. Tupaia belangeri (northern tree shrew) microRNA 128-1 (ENSTBEG00000017854.1)
    44. Tupaia chinensis microRNA mir-128
    45. Tursiops truncatus (bottlenosed dolphin) microRNA 128-1 (ENSTTRG00000022240.1)
    46. Vicugna pacos (alpaca) microRNA 128-1 (ENSVPAG00000016669.1)
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