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Urocitellus parryii (Arctic ground squirrel) microRNA 873 (ENSUPAG00010007964.1) URS0000209F04_9999

Automated summary: This pre miRNA sequence is 77 nucleotides long and is found in Urocitellus parryii. Annotated by 1 database (Ensembl). Matches 1 Rfam family (mir-873, RF00910). Urocitellus parryii (Arctic ground squirrel) microRNA 873 (ENSUPAG00010007964.1) sequence is a product of ENSUPAG00010007964.1 gene. Found in the Urocitellus parryii reference genome.

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    This sequence is found in 49 other species

    1. Ailuropoda melanoleuca microRNA 873 (ENSAMEG00000023227.2)
    2. Aotus nancymaae miRNA MIR873 (ENSANAG00000011035.1)
    3. Callithrix jacchus (white-tufted-ear marmoset) microRNA mir-873
    4. Camelus dromedarius (Arabian camel) microRNA 873 (ENSCDRG00005002227.1)
    5. Camelus ferus microRNA mir-873
    6. Canis lupus familiaris microRNA mir-873
    7. Carlito syrichta (Philippine tarsier) miRNA (ENSTSYG00000022750.2)
    8. Cercocebus atys (Sooty mangabey) miRNA (ENSCATG00000017323.1)
    9. Chlorocebus sabaeus microRNA mir-873
    10. Choloepus hoffmanni microRNA 873 (ENSCHOG00000014630.1)
    11. Colobus angolensis palliatus miRNA (ENSCANG00000009456.1)
    12. Dasypus novemcinctus (nine-banded armadillo) microRNA 873 (ENSDNOG00000038279.1)
    13. Dipodomys ordii microRNA mir-873
    14. Equus asinus asinus microRNA 873 (ENSEASG00005004616.1)
    15. Equus caballus microRNA eca-mir-873 precursor
    16. Erinaceus europaeus microRNA 873 (ENSEEUG00000019422.1)
    17. Felis catus microRNA mir-873
    18. Gorilla gorilla gorilla microRNA 873 (ENSGGOG00000033244.2)
    19. Gorilla gorilla microRNA mir-873
    20. Homo sapiens microRNA hsa-mir-873 precursor
    21. Loxodonta africana microRNA 873 (ENSLAFG00000024724.1)
    22. Macaca fascicularis (Crab-eating macaque) miRNA
    23. Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey) microRNA mir-873
    24. Macaca nemestrina miRNA MIR873 (ENSMNEG00000037763.1)
    25. Mandrillus leucophaeus (Drill) miRNA MIR873 (ENSMLEG00000012559.1)
    26. Marmota marmota marmota (Alpine marmot) microRNA 873 (ENSMMMG00000008948.1)
    27. Microcebus murinus (gray mouse lemur) miRNA MIR873 (ENSMICG00000028667.2)
    28. Mustela putorius furo microRNA 873 (ENSMPUG00000020587.1)
    29. Neogale vison (American mink) microRNA 873 (ENSNVIG00000011717.1)
    30. Nomascus leucogenys (Northern white-cheeked gibbon) miRNA MIR873 (ENSNLEG00000022577.2)
    31. Ochotona princeps (American pika) microRNA 873 (ENSOPRG00000017898.1)
    32. Oryctolagus cuniculus microRNA 873 (ENSOCUG00000020020.1)
    33. Pan paniscus miRNA MIR873 (ENSPPAG00000010125.1)
    34. Panthera pardus miRNA (ENSPPRG00000013611.1)
    35. Panthera tigris altaica miRNA (ENSPTIG00000003237.1)
    36. Pan troglodytes ptr-mir-873 (ENSPTRG00000033643.2)
    37. Papio anubis microRNA mir-873
    38. Pongo abelii microRNA mir-873
    39. Pongo pygmaeus microRNA ppy-mir-873 precursor
    40. Procavia capensis microRNA 873 (ENSPCAG00000019733.1)
    41. Propithecus coquereli (Coquerel's sifaka) miRNA (ENSPCOG00000001572.1)
    42. Pteropus alecto (black flying fox) microRNA mir-873
    43. Rhinolophus ferrumequinum (greater horseshoe bat) microRNA 873 (ENSRFEG00010019008.1)
    44. Rhinopithecus bieti miRNA MIR873 (ENSRBIG00000005111.1)
    45. Rhinopithecus roxellana (Golden snub-nosed monkey) microRNA 873 (ENSRROG00000006393.1)
    46. Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis miRNA MIR873 (ENSSBOG00000011738.1)
    47. Sciurus vulgaris (Eurasian red squirrel) microRNA 873 (ENSSVLG00005024274.1)
    48. Spermophilus dauricus (Daurian ground squirrel) miRNA (ENSSDAG00000001055.1, ENSSDAG00000016133.1)
    49. Ictidomys tridecemlineatus microRNA mir-873
    50. Vicugna pacos microRNA 873 (ENSVPAG00000016896.1)