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Dasypus novemcinctus (nine-banded armadillo) Dan-Mir-9-P10-v1_3p (mature (guide)) URS0000167E65_9361

  • 22 nucleotides
  • 1 database (MirGeneDB)
  • Found in 79 species
  • miRNA

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    This sequence is found in 78 other species

    1. Aedes aegypti (yellow fever mosquito) aae-miR-79-3p
    2. Anopheles gambiae (African malaria mosquito) aga-miR-79
    3. Bactrocera dorsalis bdo-miR-79
    4. Drosophila ananassae dan-miR-79
    5. Drosophila erecta der-miR-79
    6. Drosophila grimshawi dgr-miR-79
    7. Drosophila melanogaster dme-miR-79-3p
    8. Drosophila mojavensis dmo-miR-79
    9. Drosophila persimilis dpe-miR-79
    10. Drosophila pseudoobscura dps-miR-79
    11. Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura miRNA FBtr0294473_df_nrg
    12. Drosophila sechellia dse-miR-79
    13. Drosophila simulans Dsi-Mir-9-P12-v1_3p (mature (guide))
    14. Drosophila virilis dvi-miR-79-3p
    15. Drosophila willistoni dwi-miR-79
    16. Drosophila yakuba dya-miR-79
    17. Heliconius melpomene hme-miR-79