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Oryza sativa (rice) osa-miR1320-5p URS0000123143_4530

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osa-miR1320-5p: Osa-mir1320-5p is a microRNA that has been found to be differentially expressed in rice upon infection with R. solani [PMC9189367]. To validate the expression of osa-mir1320-5p, qRT-PCR experiments were conducted, and the results showed that the expression trends were consistent with the data from small RNA-seq [PMC7037501]. In a study comparing the expression of miRNAs in rice shoots and roots, osa-mir1320-5p was found to exhibit an opposite expression pattern in these two tissues [PMC5249095]. Another study identified osa-mir1320-5p as one of the highly abundant miRNAs in rice root tips [PMC3734165]. Furthermore, qRT-PCR analysis confirmed significant changes in the expression of osa-mir1320-5p during infection with R. solani [PMC4257594]. In susceptible plants infected with rice stripe virus, osa-mir1320-5p was found to be upregulated [PMC5897953]. Additionally, osa-mir1320-5p was identified as a miRNA involved in rice immunity against M. oryzae and showed preferential expression under fungal-infected conditions in susceptible genotypes [PMC7662745]. Finally, osa-mir1320-5p was found to be preferentially expressed during R. solani infection in all six tested rice cultivars [PMC7662745].

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  1. Oryza sativa Japonica Group (Japanese rice) microRNA osa-miR1320-5p