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Homo sapiens (human) hsa-miR-409-5p URS0000081E1F_9606

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hsa-mir-409: Hsa-mir-409 is a microRNA that has been studied in various contexts [PMC4297868]. In one study, iPSCs were transfected with mimic hsa-mir-409, along with other miRNAs, to examine its association with REST. It was found that hsa-mir-409 behaves similarly to other miRNAs but does not have complementary sites on the REST transcript [PMC4297868]. Another study identified hsa-mir-409 as one of the miRNAs involved in the p38 signaling pathway, regulation of p38-alpha and p30-beta pathways, and gluconeogenesis [PMC4464514]. It suggested that upregulated and secreted miRNAs like hsa-mir-409 from neighboring tumor cells could potentially contribute to tumorigenesis [PMC4464514]. Additionally, hsa-mir-409 was identified as a potential diagnostic biomarker for malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) due to its association with carcinogenesis mechanisms and upregulation in MPM [PMC4464514]. In osteosarcoma, hsa-mir-409 was found to be downregulated along with several other miRNAs [PMC8746945]. Furthermore, several downregulated non-coding RNAs were clustered on chromosome 14 near hsa-mir-409 [PMC9404356].

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